It seems I am getting farther and farther behind on posting these!! Here are my 32 week baby bump pictures :)
Only two weeks late...
I am so shocked I am able to fit into some of my dresses... it is easy getting them on, harder to get them off.
Ah! I really thought I posted this already! Anyways... here is last weeks baby bump
Sorry it is so late. Life gets in the way sometimes. But our little one is healthy!!! What a relief. Baby Singer is on track with growth, has all their parts... no cleff lip! Matthew was so relieved when he heard this part. So for now we are expecting a healthy Singer!! So exciting!!! I am so blessed that our baby has not had any problems. I get worried as time goes on because my mom lost her son Andrew at 27 weeks so I have to make sure to pay attention to my body. I have a high tolerance for pain so I need to remember if I start feel any kind of pain I need to call the doctor. I just want a healthy, full-term baby. 

Here are week 23 pregnancy pictures.  
Here is the late 22 week baby bump picture :) 

I told everyone I am not hiding a basketball underneath my shirt. I am amazed how round I am!!
I cannot believe that time is already flying by so fast! It seems like just yesterday I was dreaming of becoming a mother and here I am five months pregnant! Since last week baby has been kicking up a storm, bad thing is baby usually kicks it up at night... s/he might be a night owl just like his's or her's momma. Baby did kick a little at six this morning, so maybe baby can wake up early like it's daddy. 

Matthew is anxious to feel baby move, he is just never around when the little jitter bug is kicking up a storm! 

Today is the big scan! I cannot wait to see baby again! I waited for a good 8 weeks to see baby again, even though I really could not see baby at the last scan.... the screen was tilted too weird. Matthew got to see and he said it looks like it was all bunched up. He asked yesterday if our baby will look more babyish today! Ha ha ha. Silly Matthew.

So I am nervous, nervous that something is wrong with the baby, that maybe baby is too small or too big, that I am not doing enough! Ahhh! I am such a worry wart when it comes to our baby. I just want a healthy baby. I keep on praying that God will take care of this little one inside of me. I know he will. I trust in him. Now if the nerves will stay at bay...

I am finally starting to show a little bit. People still say I look super tiny for being 5  months. I guess I will take it as a complement because I do not want to gain weight too quickly or put too much poundage on that I won't be able to take it off after the baby is here. I just now hit my pre-pregnancy weight! Well... still down one pound but close enough! I wonder how much I will weight when I see my Ob doctor in 3 weeks? I'll have to ask him about my weight gain....

My morning sickness seems to be gone!! Yay!! Though last night I was feeling sick but I think it had to do with nervousness and the fact I needed a good night sleep. I worked really hard that day and was T-I-R-E-D-! I use to be able to stay up all night, and during the first trimester I had sleep insomnia! Since three weeks ago I need to be asleep by 10:30! I use to have to read or play something to get me tired... now I out cold as soon as I hit the pillow. 

So that is the just for now. I will update with information and pictures later! Remember! We are keeping the gender a secrete ;) 

Here are my current baby bump pictures.
I am starting to look huge!!!
Ah, I am so happy that we are at 18 weeks pregnant. I don't care what anyone says, I love being pregnant. It is one of the greatest gifts from God. I am started to feel bigger and had to break down and buy some maternity clothes. Thank-you for Ross because I got a great deal on clothes!! 

I am starting to feel baby more often, the other day I felt a nice thump when I pressed my hand against my belly. I can kinda guess where the baby is because of where I find the heart beat and where I feel those kicks. 

I thought I had a good amount of energy until it was 3pm and I needed a nap. I am finding out when you are pregnant you have those moments when you just feel like you cannot move from exhaustion. I am so glad I am not working so I can have that option to just relax for a bit until my energy comes back. 

We are 15 days away from the scan, I know I mention this a whole lot, we are super excited!!! I am wanting to start "nesting" but cannot until we get our own place. I want to do the nursery so bad! And buy the baby lots of things!! I love shopping for others!

Well, Matthew is watching a movie and I want to join him.

Here are some baby bump pictures...

Wow, the time just seems to keep on flying by! It feels like I was celebrating being 6 weeks pregnant! Not that I would want to go that far back! I am very happy to be where I am. Baby seems to be doing alright, I don't know if I am feeling kicks or just gas bubbles... I cannot wait to start feeling my little one inside of me!! I have been craving food like crazy... several times I woke up starving! Where I was so hungry it hurt!!! 

My belly seems to have grown a lot, my clothes are starting to not fit :( time to find some maternity clothes I suppose. I hope they are cute! Ha ha ha. 

I had to move my Anatomy scan until March 2nd... boo! Now I have to wait 22 days until I get to see our little guy... or gal!! Ha ha ha, I still think I am carrying a boy. I am keeping the gender a secrete still... even though people are giving us evil looks about keeping it to ourselves... Oh well! 

I am still sick, but the cold has defiantly gotten way better. I still feel like my chest is full of gross mucus and I cough a lot but knock on wood I have not ran a temperature like I did Saturday and Sunday. 

I am uploading a video of our baby's heart beat! Just in case someone out there does not know what a fetus heart beat sounds like... it is sometimes easy to get the baby's heart beat and one of your major organs pulse mixed up. Did you know you could hear your own heart beat all the way down to your hip? I have discovered this with my handy dandy doppler.

oh and I got some baby bump pictures to add!!!

Here they are!