(Saturday, September 29th 2012.)

The title says it all! Our little boy went off of formula yesterday evening and he has had about 15 ounces of just breast milk! So far, so good. Only thing different we have notice is he has been more awake.... which is a good thing and a bad thing. It is always good to see your sweet baby smiling, even if it means waking up at 3am and staying up (bad for our sleep). 


Well, my baby woke up and I forgot to finish this blog entry! I call my forgetfulness my "Mommy moments". 

So Samuel has been on breast milk for 4 whole days now and so far he is doing fantastic! He has been more awake and more clingy to Matthew and I.
 I try putting him down and he cries but as soon as we pick him back up he is a happy camper.

A couple of people have commented that he looks like me her.e 
I think he at least looks like we are related to each other ; )

 On Sunday we went to Austin to shop at Costco. I have not been to a Costco in forever (since I lived in Washington State over 7 years ago). To say that it is confusing shopping place is an understatement! I had no idea where anything was and I could not tell what they had to offer because it seemed that you were on a manhunt the whole time! They did not have their aisles labeled other than it being aisle 1,2,3 ext.

I did notice that their prices were cheaper than our local food market and I like the fact that we could buy in bulk. We spent more than I wanted to but I think we saved some money. I had Samuel dressed as a pirate (see two photos up) and we got a ton of comments on his "I've got a loaded booty" saying on his butt. 

While we were there a little girl saw Samuel and scream "Baby, baby, baby!" and ran up to Samuel ( we were sitting down at the time) and gave him a hug. I thought it was rather cute and almost laughed when the father told her not to hug stranger's babies! Samuel seemed to enjoy the hug as well :)

Then we went to eat at a taco place. Samuel was giggling the whole time we were there. I know he will be labeled as the loud baby soon! Ha ha ha! We swear he can already say "mum" and "oh?". 

After that, we went to David's Bridal to look at dresses for Ben's and Cherilyn's wedding that is coming up soon! I found a dress that was pretty but it was not the one. I am trying to find a black dress with no bling on it (because it is Cherilyn's day to shine!), which is hard to do, I am finding out. Matthew said we shall try again in a couple of weeks without Samuel (gives me more time to loose weight!). We were the only people in the store because it was 10 mins till closing and the ladies were making pirate jokes because of Samuel. 
Our pirate fell asleep while waiting for us to finish up (Don't worry, his straps are loose because he is not in the car and we wanted him comfy for a moment) 

Over all our trip was very fun and I think it wore Samuel out because he went to bed at ten and stayed asleep till 7! Which I was so thankful for because I stayed up till 1 am. I was behind on my work and needed to catch up. I hope that him sleeping till 7 am stays a trend! Matthew and I need the extra sleep when we can get it!

Now onto today.... (this is what happens when you get stopped mid-blogged)

Samuel has been nursing for two days now! Ahhhhh! I am so happy! All I have to do is nurse him! No bottles, no pumps, no heating up milk or formula, no measuring, no crying baby while I am getting food ready. I just sat down and gave him straight from the tap! 

(Thought to show everyone that yes, we still have a dog and we still do care about our "first born".)

One benefit of nursing is that Samuel falls asleep after he is done so I don't have to pick him up and bounce him till he falls asleep or keep on sticking a paci in his mouth. I am looking forward to being glued to the couch for many days to come!

So, over all, I am super happy with where we are right now. Samuel is a much happier baby, he is crying for maybe an hour a day total, he is sleeping so much better and Mommy and Daddy are finally able to relax! 

If we just had to cut out dairy and watch what I eat to have a happy Samuel, then that is what we shall do! A baby who barely cries, cutting out dairy is a simple thing to do.  


Auntie Gabby
10/02/2012 10:12

Aww!!! He is SO cute! and he does look like you in that one picture, you both are tilting your head all cute like!

Hehehe I find that flippin' adorable that a little girl ran to Samuel and hugged him! Looks like he's attracting women a little early ;)


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