Cannot believe it has been two months since our baby boy has entered our lives! I could have sworn that I was just writing about being pregnant?! These last two months have been crazy! Both good and bad. Matthew and I are getting use to less sleep even though Samuel has been sleeping from 11pm-ish to 4:30 am-ish. I add the "ish" because as anyone knows babies tend to be all over the place with their sleeping schedule. He usually hits/misses these times by 30mins! 

I have been trying to come up with nicknames for Samuel. I usually call him Samuel-san. I blame hours of reading Manga for this nickname! I also tend to call him bud because he is just a bud trying to grow up. Matthew sometimes calls him Muel, like Emanuel but without the E.. Another nickname of his is Monkey because he has a ton... and I mean a ton of monkey stuff! I have no idea where all this monkey stuff came from, I never said.... I want him to have monkey but people just gave us monkey stuff! Which I do not mind one bit because being year of the monkey I tend to be fond of those little critters!
This post is going to be a bit picture heavy! I have not written a blog post in forever so thought to catch up on it!

Samuel got his two month shots last week. To say that I was a nervous wreck was an understatement! I almost cried leading up to the shots! I felt like I was giving them to him! I knew they are needed because of different illnesses so I just kept calm and held him as he got three shots and a drink. He loved the drink! Slurped it right down! The nurse said he would spit it out but he made sure not to spill a drop! Then came the three shots! She was super fast with them and he cried for a minuet then settle right down! I nursed him afterwards to help with the pain. The sweet nurse gave him a rattle that fits perfectly in his hand! He was super excited to have it and carried it out of the clinic then fell asleep with it!  
Bless his little heart! The next couple of days were no fun... he ran a low grade fever and was fussy. He got the shots on Tuesday (His two month birthday) and he was not himself again till Saturday. 

His reflex has gotten really bad... :(   (Super sad face!). He just screams in pain all day. We took him back to the doctors (because he lost weight within a couple of days) to do a weight check and talk about his reflex. The plan is to feed him some super hypoallergenic formula, in the mean time, I get rid of dairy out of my system so I can feed him breast milk again. I hate giving him formula but I also hate him being in pain! It makes me cry! Hopefully this will help him and we don't have to see a GI doctor. 

I have to say pumping every three hours, preparing formula and putting him down while I pump has not been easy! But I am just going to do this for two weeks then he will go back to breast milk! 

To say I am excited to nurse him again is an understatement! I have a calendar up and I am putting X's on the days that we have been on Formula. 

The first bottle of formula I had my mom give it to him while pumped/cried. Oh I hate pumping with a passion! I so give momma's who pumped the whole time a ton of credit! Plus bonus points! I don't know how they do it with other kids running around! 

I hate pumping so much I have a plan to stop diary when I am 7 months pregnant with our next little one so I don't have to do formula while dairy leaves my system.

Our Lactation Consultant, Terri, will help us to get him back to nurses when our two week trial is up. 

We started going to a new church, we got all dressed up, which has been a long time since I did, Matthew has worn his suit a couple of times since Samuel has been born. We all match! I match Samuel with his Daddy's dress shirt and my dress matched his jacket/pants. Samuel had a matching black diaper on but he got that dirty before we could take a picture. Hey, I know the diaper was a bit much but it was the first time we all matched!
Aren't we cute? :)

Some not baby news:

Like I said, we started to go to a new church, it has a cry room which is awesome for Samuel and I. It is almost like watching TV when we are in there. Only gone to the church once. I met a sweet lady who had a 3 month old name Rowen! Loved his name and he was a cutie pie. It was nice chatting with her.

Matthew and I are looking to move to Georgetown. Hopefully we stay there until Matthew is done with schooling. 

Matthew is still working a lot. Most days he does not come home till after 6:30 and he is gone by 5am the next day. I miss him and his helpfulness. Two nights during the week he has school so that means he is gone till 11 at night! Gah! These days I feel like a single parent      :(

My running has been going great! I was running a two miler at 30 mins now I am down to 23 mins! First mile I can run in 10 mins easily, second mile is the hard one and of course it does not help that the road we run on is super hilly!

I am going to try and start playing the piano again. I can only practice 3 times a week before or after we go running., We do not own a piano so using the parent. If I get good I shall post a video of me playing one of my favorite songs!! And maybe Benny ( my cousin, the one in the swimming pool) or I singing while I play ;-)

Matthew's and I favorite show is back on! We are HUGE Doctor Who fans!! We are so far still trying to figure out the theme for season 7. We think it has to do with the Doctor becoming more violent. We are so enjoying it being back on!

Well, I should go so this is not a super long post plus Samuel-san is up!

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