Oh boy! We made it to seven weeks. I consider everyday that I am pregnant that it is a gift from God. So far morning sickness is bad, not too bad that I cannot function, though on two occasions I had to go lay down because I felt too sick to do anything. I have not thrown up yet though I always feel like I am fighting to keep food down. I am still having mild cramping and it is hard to fall asleep... I keep having really interesting dreams though. I keep on dreaming about our baby. Last night's dream was us going to see the baby on the ultrasound and everything was good. I hope this dream will come true! Our ultrasound got moved up from the 23 to the 21st of December, which made me happy, two days sooner to seeing our baby! And Matthew gets to come to my doctor's appointment so I won't have to be scared alone. My family seems to be getting more excited about our baby. My grandma is annoying on me losing this baby, I'm not eating enough.... she even tried to convince my mom that I should not be around my dog.... hell no! I am still going to keep my dog and pet her, play with her, bathe her.... whatever! UGH! It is interesting though, I am my grandma's least favorite grandchild but she has been nice(er) to me since we told them.... but has been really mean to Matthew.... poor Matthew. Old people... who knew? 

School is going alrighty, I did a test today and going to do two more test.... only two weeks left then I have a month off of school!!! Hello sleeping in!! Matthew is gone for a few days on a single soldier retreat. Part of his job is organizing and going to retreats for single/married soldiers. I usually join him for these but it's final's week and cannot afford to miss a day of school.... plus the day he was leaving was the day I needed to take a math test. Which I think I did amazing on! I am finally getting the hang of math! 

Well, that's all the news for now. Better get going on these tests so I can go get a hair cut.

Merry Christmas!!


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