Yesterday we had our big ultrasound! It was so cool to see our baby's anatomy! While waiting for the tech, I was trying to get baby to wake up so I could see baby move around... well I think I woke jitter bug up a little too much! S/he was all over the place! Ha ha ha. The first image we see is our baby with it's legs crossed and it's hands behind their head. Jitter bug did not like the tech pushing on my tummy because several times they let out a mad pout! Ha ha ha. Baby was defiantly shy! It kept on hiding from us. They could not say if anything was wrong with the baby... but it look like it had all it's parts! Those ultrasound machines can really show you a lot about your baby! They did not have a printer hooked up to the machine so we shall be getting pictures of our kid in a couple of days which I am excited for!!! Love looking at our baby! Baby's heart rate was 144 and baby is a day a head of their due date! Cool!!! Keep on growing little baby of ours!

We found out the gender but are keeping it to ourselves. We want to have our moment with the baby before we have to share s/he with the world. Another five months and they can know the gender and the name of our baby. But for now.... baby is all ours. Plus we don't like that people are wanting a boy or a girl from us... we don't care at all. We did not want them to be disappointed in the gender and make us feel bad. 

Last night Matthew was talking to the baby and the kid lit up like a fire cracker! With kicking and punching. I know our baby will be a happy baby. 

Well, I shall update the ultrasound pictures when I get them! 

Here are the pictures I showed everyone else ;-)

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