I cannot believe how fast the time is going! On Monday, 19 of March, marked four months till we see our baby. I was just talking to Matthew how weird it is that everyone says cannot wait till baby is here... well the baby has always been here...with me. It seems like when they say that, they are expecting the baby just to pop out of no where! So now I just say cannot wait till baby is finished cooking. 

Today we have our follow-up from the ultrasound. I hope the doctor has good things to say about our little one. I know baby is alive because s/he is kicking up a storm today. I just want to hear baby is healthy and growing on tract... that and I have not gained too much too fast. 

Update on the house.... we finally found a house and are in the process of moving in! I can start going nuts with decorating the baby's room!! I am so excited for that part. It will make it seem more real... even though being kicked in the bladder everyday should make baby feel real. I will post pictures later when I take them today. 

I am behind on the baby bump pictures... I have taken last weeks just need to post them and this week... is still a working progress aka I still need to take them. I thought to myself why can't pregnant ladies find time to take their weekly bump pictures? Now I realize how fast time can fly! I cannot believe it has been three weeks since we found out boy or girl.... crazy!!!

We are planning on taking baby to Oregon when s/he is about five months. I hope everything goes well like no one fighting over our baby and stuff. We are planning on traveling with my Mom and Dad, my cousin Benny, my sister Gabby and of course the soon to be three of us. Should be fun!! I hope. I just pray our little one loves to travel and is a happy healthy baby.

Well... I'll update later about the u/s / doctor's appointment. Ta ta for now!

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