Wow! 16 more weeks to go before we meet our little one! Craziness! I remember when I was 16 weeks pregnant! Now only to make it to that number? 111 more days... crazy. My belly keeps on getting bigger by the day. Our little one is like 1.3 lbs. Baby Singer kicks are getting strong and s/he loves to be breech... a couple times a week s/he flips so I can have some relief. Yesterday I ate a baked potato... oh man! Did little one love it! The whole time I was eating it, baby was kicking up a storm! 

The past week and a half my feet keep on swelling when I stand too long... I never thought it would hurt that much. I hate sitting down when others are working but my feet get so tender I have to...

Oh and about the house... We FINALLY found a house to rent!! It was not that bad living with my parents, I am happy they let us live there for five months... even though my Grandma and I almost killed each other a couple of times... but it is wonderful to have a house of our own! Love that it is quiet. I hate when a tv is on because it is so distracting and at our house just peace and quiet. We found a cute three bedroom, two bath, two car garage in a nice neighborhood.
(That's my sister Gabby sneezing and Matthew in front of the house.)
 Matthew and I looked at a couple of places and were scared of the houses, looked like someone died in them... and they were tiny! So when we found this one we jumped right on it! Rooms are nice size, all of them have fans in them, huge fireplace. Big backyard for our Squirrel. Love it!  
We been living here for a week now and trying to get the house organized. We met most of our neighbors and they seem great. Plus I can start doing our nursery!!! Yay!!
(Baby's room)

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