I am so happy to be at 25 weeks pregnant. I am learning I can no longer sleep on my back.... this morning I woke up on my back and my lungs were killing me! I felt like something heavy was on them for a long time... it hurt! I had to sit up and take a few good breathes to make the pain go away... I am glad baby Singer was kicking away or else I would have been worried!

I am anxious to get to full-term because then I can breath easy knowing my baby has a chance at life. Here is a cool chart someone posted.

Odds of a Premature Baby's Survival by Length of Pregnancy 
Length of Pregnancy Likelihood of Survival 
23 weeks 17% 
24 weeks 39% 
25 weeks 50% 
26 weeks 80% 
27 weeks 90% 
28-31 weeks 90-95% 
32-33 weeks 95% 
34+ weeks Almost as likely as a full-term baby 

So as of this week our baby has a 50% chance of life. My true goal is 39 weeks but I know as I hit 28 - 33 weeks I will be feeling out of the danger zone. Grow baby grow!!! It is crazy how much they grow in a week, next week my chances jump to 80%! That's a 30% increase. 

105 days to go till baby is here, I am going to start a count down starting at 100 on FB. To keep me busy and sane I am signing us up for Birthing Classes, Breast feeding Classes and an Infant CPR class. Before that I have finals... then the classes beguine, then our Ann. in between, then baby shower then baby!!! So very excited. I  

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