This week seemed to have flown by! I keep on thinking yesterday was Monday! I know this month is just going to fly by. It seems like it was just April 1st and I was annoyed with people and their stupid "pranks". Can you tell I hate April fools day? Anyways... love that time is flying by. I want to make a count down for everything that is coming up so I can get all excited for them and know when they are coming up! Ha ha ha.

Baby is doing great! Mini Singer is kicking me as I type. A couple nights ago, after Matthew fell asleep Mini Singer was stretching out.... it was amazing that I could feel the outer of baby's feet. Baby would stretch then do a barrel kick! I loved it. I love know that s/he is doing great in there. I am always worrying if baby is alive and well when s/he is quiet.

Yesterday I was eating breakfast and pondering about how quiet our little one was the last couple of days... well baby  must of heard me because s/he defiantly caught up with kicking! All day little one was kicking, last night I woke up in the middle of the night and went potty then crawled back into bed and wonder how baby was and right on cue s/he kicked. I am exited to get to 28 weeks because I hear that is when you should expect lots of moment! 

Matthew and I are still trying to get the house together. Last week we got the guest bathroom together. The kitchen is pretty much done... just need to figure out where to put food. Living room.... in progress. Our room just need decorations and for us to keep up with the cleaning. Garage...ummmm, will that ever be organized? Ha ha ha.

I am coming up on finals... oh joy.... they are very stressful and cannot wait to get them over with because then I am done with school till Baby gets here. I know I shall do fine in my other two classes, it is the math class that is giving me heartache. I know never to take statistics again!

Our June bug's birthday is already next week! She will be two... I can still remember when I brought her home as a tiny 7 week pup. She was so adorable!!! Here is her last year's birthday picture.

I remember when my neighbor's came home with their golden retriever puppy at 8 weeks old. She is now going on 11.
I wonder if our baby will go up that fast? Faster? I hope not.

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