I am really starting to feel pregnant. Just took almost 7 months for me to feel it. It is starting to get harder to bend down, when I go to pick something up from the floor I feel so heavy going back up. Shaving is getting interesting... I wonder how long I can keep that up.  My back has a dull ache every night, I want to be massaged all the time ha ha ha. But who does not? I am really wanting to go to bed at 8 instead of 10. I am shocked Matthew is the one keeping us up now and I am the one begging to go to bed. Life as a pregnant person is a hard one but I would not trade it for anything.

Today I had my 27 week appointment and my glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes. The drink was awful! I was trying not to hurl it the whole time I was drinking it. 
I was expecting a small glass of this stuff then they had me this huge 10 oz. of gross stuff. This drink made me go into a fuzzy state. 

We had a good appointment with our doctor, Doc. Kwan. I asked him all my questions and I was happy he answered them they way I would like to hear. I asked about episiotomy it where they cut you to make more room for baby to come out. I know that they use to do it whether you tear or not. He said his rate of doing them is like 2%. Sweet! He also said he really tries everything before doing a c-section. Awesome. Two things less things I have to worry about.

Baby is going on target, weight is fine, Bp is great. I am a happy Momma. Besides being stuck with a needle to get my blood drawn.

This is my er I should say this baby's last week  

So that is the just of things baby's health wise.

We got our decals for the nursery on Wednesday, I had my sister and Matthew put them up on Thursday. I'll post pictures after we buy and hang the curtains up sometime this weekend. The nursery is looking awesome! 

Other news, I had my second midterm for Math and I made a 90-ish on it!! Praise the Lord! I was so worried about that. I studied my butt off for it because we could only use our calculator, our book and our brains... no notes or examples. I cannot wait to be done with school. Plus being done with school means that much closer to having our baby!! Cannot wait till baby is here.

We have two weeks till we get to see what baby looks like... I am super excited for that!!! 

Well we are going out to eat with some friends tonight so better start getting ready for that! 

Ta ta for now!

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