I remember hitting 11 weeks, then 22 weeks, now I am 33 weeks pregnant and hopefully won't see any more double digits for a long time (until next baby comes along). These last couple of months have been flying by. I keep on trying to stop and enjoy this pregnancy but then again I want our baby here with us, healthy of course. 

Our baby shower is tomorrow! I hope to see a lot of good friends there. I am also hoping to get a lot of baby items so we won't have to go shopping for them later. We shall see what people buy us! I am sure if anyone gives us a gift card... I will want to go out and buy something right away! Ha ha ha. I am so impatient! I am surprised at myself for being able to wait for 40 weeks to have a baby! I was thinking the other day that from start to finish we took about a year ( a little over that) to have a baby. That/this year has gone by at a sweet pace. I hope I can keep saying that when I am 38 weeks pregnant and waiting for our baby to make his/her's appearance! 

I am hoping to get the car-seat and stroller this week, which is exciting because that I what I have been waiting for, for the longest time! I want to practice walking the dog next to the stroller to see if I can walk her and the stroller at once. It shall seem pretty funny to watch me push around the stroller without a baby in it! Ha ha ha, maybe I will borrow someone's baby? I don't know.

I am still debating on when to wash the clothes and prep the diapers. I think I am waiting for the hubby to put up a clothes line so I won't have to use the dryer.

Well, Saturday is the day today so I better try and be productive! Only 7 more of these without baby!! (I hope at least :-) )

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