38 weeks?? 38 weeks? That seems so unreal to me. Was it not just yesterday that I was looking at a pregnancy test? Or the first time I saw our baby at 10 weeks? Or baby looking so much like a baby at 21 weeks? Then what seemed like forever to see our little one in 3D ultrasound? And now we will meet our little one in a couple of weeks... amazing! 

I am so anxious to meet our baby. I keep on trying to get everything ready and of course I never feel like I have done enough. My energy level comes and goes all the time. One moment I am cleaning the house like a mad women the next I cannot not even move off the couch to go potty! 

Nursery still need to be worked on... waiting for our crib which Matthew's family bought for us! So happy about that and very thankful to them. I am trying to get Matthew to hang my decorations up but that boy seems to try and avoid it at all cost! I might have to do it myself...

My things are packed for the hospital and so are babies. Waiting on Matthew to pack his things so I suppose if he needs to he can come back and forth from the hospital which I was hoping we would avoid just in case he misses something important! 

I cannot wait to be myself again! These hormones have me sad one moment, angry the next. I try and keep myself in check and so far everyone has said I have been a great pregnancy person but it has been hard on me to control myself. I get mad at Facebook all the time, I even deleted some people, though I really did needed to deleted them, I would never want those people around my baby. I find my shyness is long gone. When someone angers me on the street you know I will respond! Before then, I would have brushed it aside. 

We have already had some people trying to tell us how to raise OUR baby, which frankly, is super annoying! I try and not blow-up on them. I am lucky my mom has handle some of it because you know I would have gone after them.

Sorry, got off on a vent! Ha ha ha.

The last week has been hard on my poor body. I don't know how some women get pregnant right off the bat after having a kid! I know my body needs a rest. Back hurts a lot, stomach feels like it cannot be stretched anymore. Everything keeps on swelling up. 

But... it is worth it to have gotten this far. I wanted to get to 38 weeks so my baby will be healthy. Now we are in the waiting game for our baby. Hard to believe we will have a little one in the next couple of weeks!! I hope to have him/her next week sometime. Before my next appointment because I think my doctor might stripe my membranes! And that sounds painful! 

Well, better get back to nesting and getting ready to take my friends to the air pot. Hopefully I shall have a belly bump picture to update everyone wo


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