For anyone wanting a amazing experience I highly recommend doing a 3D/4D ultrasound. It was amazing to see our little one facial features! Plus it was neat to see how our baby reacted to touch and see what our baby did for a while. I can already see a ton of Matthew in our precious baby! Baby has their Dad's eye set. Matthew looks like he is always serious because of the way his eye brows are kinda set forward on his head. Baby has my nose! I was kinda hoping baby had Matthew's nose but.... it does look go on this kido. I think baby has the shape of my chin but the Matthew's type of chin. 

I can already see personality in our baby already. When baby sleeps, s/he loves to curl up in a ball and have their hands near their face.... just like me! Matthew tends to take up the whole bed when he sleeps! Ha ha ha. When baby went to sleep, s/he was sucking with their lips. Matthew does this when he sleeps all the time. I think it is cute! 

While staring at the screen I kept on thinking...this is my baby... our baby. No one else's. I am not staring at someone else's baby... this baby is what we creative. How amazing. I love this baby so much already and I know that love will only grow when I finally have him/her on my chest looking up at me. 

I think looking at the 3D ultrasound made our baby more real to Matthew. Seeing our little one who looks like us really help bring things together for Matthew. Which I loved. 

Well, here is some of the pictures we got of our baby!    
Finally got a profile picture of our baby! We joked baby has my Dad's nose ha ha ha.
Baby already has huge lips and cheeks!! Cutie-pie!
The tech caught this as soon as our little one pulled their thumb out of their mouth. Love this shot!
Our baby yawning!
Baby sucking on her/him's thumb.
The tech kept trying to make the baby put their hands down and baby gave us a frown when the tech tapped my belly! Ha ha ha.
This is how I sleep at night.
Our baby has hair already! No bald baby! I am relieved ha ha ha.

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