Raining days make me miss Washington state so much! I really enjoyed living there. People kept on saying how much they hated the rain and how much it rained there. But for me, I enjoyed sitting on my back porch in my hammock swing just watching the rain pour down. The rain made Washington such a beautiful state with all it greens, blue, yellows and many other colors that the rain bought with it. And the smell! Oh the smell! The rain smell made everything smell so fresh and clean! You just wanted to live outside and breathe in the fresh air! At least that is what I did. I really wish I was a running back in Washington, I would have loved to run in the rain!

Another great thing about raining days is it makes everyone sleepy and peaceful! 
Yesterday Samuel, Matthew and I went to a birthday party for my great aunt Maggie! It was nice seeing that side of the family. I wish I brought my swim suit because the water look fantastic! (My cousin Benny is showing us how nice the pool is)
The only down side to the party was it was really hot outside and I kept on getting bit by bugs! But over all we all had a blast!
Last Friday, My mom picked Samuel and I up so we could go see his doctor to get a picture of him and Samuel together! I really hope that Doctor Kwan will be around to deliver our next baby! 

Thank you Doctor Kwan for taking such good care of Samuel and I during our pregnancy! We really felt at ease in your care!
Labor day is coming up and I have to admit that I am so looking forward to having Matthew stay home and help out with Samuel for the three day weekend! Something I am not looking forward to is the nights Matthew goes to school and won't be coming home till late (very late) in the evening! I know him and I will both be very tired from our jobs! 

Darn, the rain stopped!

Samuel turned 6 weeks on Saturday! I cannot believe I had him six weeks ago!!! Time just flies by! I wish I had taken more pictures of him being a brand spankin new baby though! So I am making up for it by taking a ton of pictures of him everyday! 

Well, that is pretty much it for now.... I shall leave you all with Samuel's party outfit! Which he got dirty before we went to the party.

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