It has been almost a week since we started the formula and let me tell you... Samuel has been a much happier baby! Today he did not scream once in pain! Our ears are also much happier since he is screaming less! Now all he does is a normal baby cry. The end of this week we are going to try breast milk again, I have been super diligent with my diet, I so hope it paid off! I am super excited to get him on breast milk again because life with formula has not been easy at all... plus I hate washing bottles! 

Like the Wii version of our son? (pokes above picture), that was when he was two weeks old! He now weighs around 12lbs. 

I am a milk making machine! I keep having this horrible nightmare that my milk will dry up but I did inventory on my freezer stash and I have over 80 ounces of milk in there! In a day and a half I pumped 36 ounces! Much better than 14 ounces a day so my pumping has been paying off. I am sure Samuel will love the fact that he gets more milk per nursing session.

Samuel is still spiting/throwing up still but not as often as he use to. I know this will never go away but the amount he was throwing up was crazy!! Poor little guy!

Today was his best day yet. He slept peacefully in his swing for a couple of hours then we played the rest of the day. I was glad it was a calm day because Matthew was off cutting wood so it was just Samuel and I for the day. 

Last week was pretty boring, just me taking care of Samuel. I am hoping once he gets bigger I will be more adventurous and go and do things with him. I think once we figure out this feeding issue we shall do it! 
A lot of people keep on asking if I miss being pregnant.... There are somethings I do miss, those sweet kicks, my belly occasionally... But, I am so glad not to be pregnant anymore! I love having my body back, I love that Samuel is here on the outside! I also love to be able to look down and see my toes again! 

When I was pregnant I had nightmares every night and so far (knock on wood) I have not had any bad dreams since Samuel has been born! The nightmares were so bad I woke up a couple of times crying! I also don't miss sleeping on my side with a body pillow! Matthew and I have so much more space on the bed since we put up the big old body pillow! I am sure if Matthew ever goes away, I shall use the body pillow to cuddle with... or just bring Samuel in the bed with me (because everyone knows Samuel will not go anywhere without his Mummy! ;-)  )

Another question people ask us if we want more kids in the future, I know I want more, Matthew wanted more before Samuel came, but now, not so sure ha ha ha! I have time to convince him that he wants more kids and this newborn phrase will sadly only last a little while. I know Matthew is afraid that he will hurt Samuel because he is so tiny but in a year or two I can see them both rough housing and rolling on the floor together!

The last question people wonder if we had any gender disappointments. We had none! I so wanted a boy and Matthew wanted a boy to be the eldest, to take care of his younger siblings. I knew Samuel was a boy from the moment I first saw him as a 10 week fetus! If we end up with all boys, I would be a happy Momma! But, if we do end up with a few girls I would be just as happy! If I could magically choose the amount of boys and the amount of girls we could have, I would choose three boys and a girl. The girl being the second youngest. I am scared to think of what might happen if we end up with Samuel and three girls! Ha ha ha! Just kidding, I am sure we would be very please with whatever God gives us! For now, we feel very blessed to have this little boy in our lives and call him our own!

Well, that is it for now! Ta ta! 

Auntie Gabby
09/24/2012 14:44

Aww, I'm so glad he is screaming and up-chuckin' less!

I adore his little bath tub picture, he looks very confused about the duckie! I can't wait to play the Wii with Samuel ;D


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