Just wanted to share our nursery in progress. We bought a used changing table and dresser, I was amazed how well they took care of them. I was very happy we got them at such a good price too! Love saving money!! So here is what we have so far. 

(Dresser and a shelve that we might hang)
Changing table with the changing pad we bought)
(Bouncer, and the pretend baby relaxin')
(Photo frames with the first photo of our baby)

Well, that is it for now, I will update as I go along!! :D
Wow! 16 more weeks to go before we meet our little one! Craziness! I remember when I was 16 weeks pregnant! Now only to make it to that number? 111 more days... crazy. My belly keeps on getting bigger by the day. Our little one is like 1.3 lbs. Baby Singer kicks are getting strong and s/he loves to be breech... a couple times a week s/he flips so I can have some relief. Yesterday I ate a baked potato... oh man! Did little one love it! The whole time I was eating it, baby was kicking up a storm! 

The past week and a half my feet keep on swelling when I stand too long... I never thought it would hurt that much. I hate sitting down when others are working but my feet get so tender I have to...

Oh and about the house... We FINALLY found a house to rent!! It was not that bad living with my parents, I am happy they let us live there for five months... even though my Grandma and I almost killed each other a couple of times... but it is wonderful to have a house of our own! Love that it is quiet. I hate when a tv is on because it is so distracting and at our house just peace and quiet. We found a cute three bedroom, two bath, two car garage in a nice neighborhood.
(That's my sister Gabby sneezing and Matthew in front of the house.)
 Matthew and I looked at a couple of places and were scared of the houses, looked like someone died in them... and they were tiny! So when we found this one we jumped right on it! Rooms are nice size, all of them have fans in them, huge fireplace. Big backyard for our Squirrel. Love it!  
We been living here for a week now and trying to get the house organized. We met most of our neighbors and they seem great. Plus I can start doing our nursery!!! Yay!!
(Baby's room)
Your Baby Week 24:

Your baby is now about 8.4 inches from crown to rump (21cm) and weighs about 1.2 pounds (530g).

Your baby's face and body now look more like a full-term baby. She now looks close to how she will look at birth.

The eyes, though they are still closed, are now close together on the front of the face and the ears are in their final position. Eyelashes are fairly well-developed and hair is growing on your baby's head.

Your baby's movements are becoming more restricted now as she fills up the uterus more. Cartwheels and somersaults inside the amniotic sac are no longer possible, but she can still hold the umbilical cord and touch and feel around her. Though your baby is already living in tight quarters in the amniotic sac, she will soon have even less room to move around.

Her vital organs are now quite mature. However, since the lungs are not yet fully formed, your baby would have breathing problems if born prematurely at this stage.

Your baby is becoming increasingly conscious of the world outside and may feel startled when you are startled.

Your baby may alternate between having very active and very calm periods.

Your baby may have facial expressions such as frowning, squinting and pursing of the lips. 

Sorry it is so late. Life gets in the way sometimes. But our little one is healthy!!! What a relief. Baby Singer is on track with growth, has all their parts... no cleff lip! Matthew was so relieved when he heard this part. So for now we are expecting a healthy Singer!! So exciting!!! I am so blessed that our baby has not had any problems. I get worried as time goes on because my mom lost her son Andrew at 27 weeks so I have to make sure to pay attention to my body. I have a high tolerance for pain so I need to remember if I start feel any kind of pain I need to call the doctor. I just want a healthy, full-term baby. 

Here are week 23 pregnancy pictures.  
Here is the late 22 week baby bump picture :) 

I told everyone I am not hiding a basketball underneath my shirt. I am amazed how round I am!!
I cannot believe how fast the time is going! On Monday, 19 of March, marked four months till we see our baby. I was just talking to Matthew how weird it is that everyone says cannot wait till baby is here... well the baby has always been here...with me. It seems like when they say that, they are expecting the baby just to pop out of no where! So now I just say cannot wait till baby is finished cooking. 

Today we have our follow-up from the ultrasound. I hope the doctor has good things to say about our little one. I know baby is alive because s/he is kicking up a storm today. I just want to hear baby is healthy and growing on tract... that and I have not gained too much too fast. 

Update on the house.... we finally found a house and are in the process of moving in! I can start going nuts with decorating the baby's room!! I am so excited for that part. It will make it seem more real... even though being kicked in the bladder everyday should make baby feel real. I will post pictures later when I take them today. 

I am behind on the baby bump pictures... I have taken last weeks just need to post them and this week... is still a working progress aka I still need to take them. I thought to myself why can't pregnant ladies find time to take their weekly bump pictures? Now I realize how fast time can fly! I cannot believe it has been three weeks since we found out boy or girl.... crazy!!!

We are planning on taking baby to Oregon when s/he is about five months. I hope everything goes well like no one fighting over our baby and stuff. We are planning on traveling with my Mom and Dad, my cousin Benny, my sister Gabby and of course the soon to be three of us. Should be fun!! I hope. I just pray our little one loves to travel and is a happy healthy baby.

Well... I'll update later about the u/s / doctor's appointment. Ta ta for now!
Your Baby Week 23:
Your baby now weighs almost 1 lb (450g) and measures about 8 inches (20cm) from crown to rump.

She is becoming plumper as her fat is being laid down at a high rate, but her skin is still wrinkled and reddish. The wrinkled and loose appearance of her skin is due to the faster production of her skin than the fat that fills it out. The reddish appearance of her skin is due to the deposition of pigment as her skin loses its translucent appearance.

Your baby can kick and punch vigorously by now, but she may also be gently feeling the umbilical cord and rubbing her hands and face against the inside membrane of the amniotic sac that holds her.

She is still swallowing amniotic fluid (which provides an important nutritional supplement to the nutrition she gets from you via the placenta) and is passing some of it as urine. The swallowing of the amniotic fluid may cause your baby to get the hiccups and you may even be able to feel this as her body jumps inside yours.

The lanugo hair on your baby's body may turn darker at this time. 

And that is what Baby Singer does all day! I love it! Even if the kicking does hurt a little bit... But the kicking is a constant reminder that I have our baby inside of me and to make sure to take care of her/him. Baby Singer is getting stronger everyday. It is hard to believe that Mini Singer was smaller than a mustard seed at one point.... and now here baby is kicking so hard people can feel and see it from the outside. 

I am kinda getting freaked out because baby will be here in about four months.... and we still don't have a lot of things for our little one. The crib is not even started yet... Ahhhh! We really need to jump on this house finding so we can get going on buying the baby stuff. Knowing me... I will search and hunt for the best deals for this kido! I kinda want to see the average cost of a baby and see if I can beat it...  So far doing about $7 a diapers. If I keep on getting cheaper/better deals then I can lower down my average $ per diaper. I read that you spend about $1000 - $2000 a year on disposable diapers per year... crazy!! That is a whole paycheck just to diapers! I am hoping to spend about $250 - $350 on cloth.. so far doing great with almost half the diaper stash I need. Sweetness!  
My baby bump seems to be growing everyday now. I am having trouble finding a good position to sleep at night. I have now had several people comment on me being pregnant. I am so happy I am out of that "fat stage". Now when I take my time getting to places people won't complain... at least I hope! Heh, Baby Singer just kicked. S/he seems to like music and car rides and that usually wakes our baby up. That and Matthew having his hand on my tummy. Baby goes crazy when he touches my belly. A bigger belly means... stretch marks! Ahhhhh! I was dreading them... I only have like four lines but not looking forward to more. Oh well. They are worth it.

I am hoping my Matthew will take my baby bump pictures today at the lake. So hopefully I'll post them a little bit later. 

Thats all the time I have for now!


Your Baby Week 22:

Your baby measures about 7.6 inches (19cm) from crown to rump and weighs about 12.25 ounces (350g).

Eyebrows have developed.

His digestive system now functions in a rudimentary manner. Undigested amniotic fluid passes into his bowel which he will eventually excrete after birth. Your baby can suck and swallow and may even suck his thumb.

Your baby's senses are developing, especially his sense of touch. He can feel his face and stroke his arms and legs. 

Your Baby Week 21:

Your baby weighs about 10.5 ounces (300g) and measures about 7.2 inches (18cm) from crown to rump. He still moves about freely in amniotic fluid.

Your baby may respond to external sounds, such as the music you are listening to or your voice.

Your baby has developed some red blood cells already. The white blood cells that your baby needs to fight infections are being manufactured.

He is developing taste buds on his tongue.

His digestive system is sufficiently advanced to absorb water and sugar from the amniotic fluid that he swallows and pass it to his large bowel.

Your baby has lanugo hair on his forehead and upper lip and his eyebrows are thickening.

Vernix (the waxy substance that covers and protects your baby's skin) accumulates on your baby's eyebrows.

Your baby's eyes are still sealed shut.

Your baby continues to grow and develop and his kicking is getting stronger now.