The title pretty much sums it up. I remember when I was in the 1st trimester and wondering when I would finally get my baby bump... now at 28 weeks I am worried I might get too huge! My poor tummy is already suffering from stretch marks. I might be brave enough someday to post a picture of my bare tummy. 

Our little one is moving like crazy, you can now easily see my belly doing the wave. For some reason our baby chooses to be active from 10pm - 6pm. I hoping once baby gets here s/he schedule can be switched from pm to am. 

I cannot no longer fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes... which makes me a bit sad. I am looking forward to being back in my bikini, on the beach with our little one and Matthew.

Finals are already next week, I am super excited to be done with school. School consumes a lot of my time. Once school is over and done with I can focus on my projects and getting our house in order.  

Matthew is working on my old crib. I hope he is able to fix it to where it is safe for our kido. I think it is a drop down so he has to fix it is no longer a drop down since they are no longer considered safe.  

Our two year anniversary is next week!! I am so excited for that. Plus  this Saturday, May 5th 12', we get to see what our little one looks like!! 

Well, better get back to doing homework. Only a week and a half till I am done! Here are my baby bump pictures. 

Your Baby Week 28:

Your baby weighs about 2.5 lbs (1.1kg) and is about 10 inches (25cm) from crown to rump and 15.75 inches (35 cm) long from head to toe.

At this time, the baby has tastebuds which allow it to distinguish between sweet, sour and bitter tastes.

Brain tissue and brain development increases at this time as your baby grows the folds and grooves needed for a developed brain.

Eyebrows and eyelashes are probably present and the hair on your baby's head is growing longer.

Your baby's body is filling out, getting a bit fatter as fat deposition continues, but it is still somewhat red and wrinkled.

Your baby is big enough for his presentation to be determined. That is, your caregiver can probably tell how your baby is oriented in your uterus. He may be breech (bottom down) or head first. If your baby is in a breech position now, there is no need to worry as there is still plenty of room and time for your baby to change positions.

Your baby can feel pain and respond to it in the same way as a full term baby. 

I am so pleased with how the nursery is turning out. I know people keep on saying it's not girl enough... but I cannot help it. I am not a big fan of pink...purply colors. Plus it is suppose to be gender neutral. As long as Matthew and I like it right?? That is what really matters. 
Matthew putting up the first wall decal
Gabby getting them ready
More progress
End results!
I am one happy momma. Now onto the next to do thing!
We were out at the lake and Matthew took some nice pictures of me. It was such a beautiful day!!
Only two weeks late...
I am really starting to feel pregnant. Just took almost 7 months for me to feel it. It is starting to get harder to bend down, when I go to pick something up from the floor I feel so heavy going back up. Shaving is getting interesting... I wonder how long I can keep that up.  My back has a dull ache every night, I want to be massaged all the time ha ha ha. But who does not? I am really wanting to go to bed at 8 instead of 10. I am shocked Matthew is the one keeping us up now and I am the one begging to go to bed. Life as a pregnant person is a hard one but I would not trade it for anything.

Today I had my 27 week appointment and my glucose test to see if I have gestational diabetes. The drink was awful! I was trying not to hurl it the whole time I was drinking it. 
I was expecting a small glass of this stuff then they had me this huge 10 oz. of gross stuff. This drink made me go into a fuzzy state. 

We had a good appointment with our doctor, Doc. Kwan. I asked him all my questions and I was happy he answered them they way I would like to hear. I asked about episiotomy it where they cut you to make more room for baby to come out. I know that they use to do it whether you tear or not. He said his rate of doing them is like 2%. Sweet! He also said he really tries everything before doing a c-section. Awesome. Two things less things I have to worry about.

Baby is going on target, weight is fine, Bp is great. I am a happy Momma. Besides being stuck with a needle to get my blood drawn.

This is my er I should say this baby's last week  

So that is the just of things baby's health wise.

We got our decals for the nursery on Wednesday, I had my sister and Matthew put them up on Thursday. I'll post pictures after we buy and hang the curtains up sometime this weekend. The nursery is looking awesome! 

Other news, I had my second midterm for Math and I made a 90-ish on it!! Praise the Lord! I was so worried about that. I studied my butt off for it because we could only use our calculator, our book and our brains... no notes or examples. I cannot wait to be done with school. Plus being done with school means that much closer to having our baby!! Cannot wait till baby is here.

We have two weeks till we get to see what baby looks like... I am super excited for that!!! 

Well we are going out to eat with some friends tonight so better start getting ready for that! 

Ta ta for now!

Your Baby Week 27:

Your baby weighs more than 2 lbs (1000g), measures 9.6 inches from crown to rump (24cm) and its total length is about 15.3 inches (34cm). If your baby were born now, she would have about an 85% chance of surviving. Nonetheless, your baby still needs another 13 weeks of in utero development to be considered full term.

Your baby's eyes, no longer fused shut, are now open.

Your baby's skin still has a very wrinkled appearance, but it is protected and nourished by the covering of vernix, a waxy coating that keeps the skin supple.

Your baby looks almost like a full term baby, but is still much thinner and smaller than she will be at birth. 

This week seemed to have flown by! I keep on thinking yesterday was Monday! I know this month is just going to fly by. It seems like it was just April 1st and I was annoyed with people and their stupid "pranks". Can you tell I hate April fools day? Anyways... love that time is flying by. I want to make a count down for everything that is coming up so I can get all excited for them and know when they are coming up! Ha ha ha.

Baby is doing great! Mini Singer is kicking me as I type. A couple nights ago, after Matthew fell asleep Mini Singer was stretching out.... it was amazing that I could feel the outer of baby's feet. Baby would stretch then do a barrel kick! I loved it. I love know that s/he is doing great in there. I am always worrying if baby is alive and well when s/he is quiet.

Yesterday I was eating breakfast and pondering about how quiet our little one was the last couple of days... well baby  must of heard me because s/he defiantly caught up with kicking! All day little one was kicking, last night I woke up in the middle of the night and went potty then crawled back into bed and wonder how baby was and right on cue s/he kicked. I am exited to get to 28 weeks because I hear that is when you should expect lots of moment! 

Matthew and I are still trying to get the house together. Last week we got the guest bathroom together. The kitchen is pretty much done... just need to figure out where to put food. Living room.... in progress. Our room just need decorations and for us to keep up with the cleaning. Garage...ummmm, will that ever be organized? Ha ha ha.

I am coming up on finals... oh joy.... they are very stressful and cannot wait to get them over with because then I am done with school till Baby gets here. I know I shall do fine in my other two classes, it is the math class that is giving me heartache. I know never to take statistics again!

Our June bug's birthday is already next week! She will be two... I can still remember when I brought her home as a tiny 7 week pup. She was so adorable!!! Here is her last year's birthday picture.

I remember when my neighbor's came home with their golden retriever puppy at 8 weeks old. She is now going on 11.
I wonder if our baby will go up that fast? Faster? I hope not.
We have 100 days till we meet our baby, our bundle of joy! We are so very excited! I am getting very anxious to get everything done... I am glad we at least have started the nursery. We have a place for our little one... just need to get the crib together. I order decals for the wall and cannot wait to get them, I am hoping they will add some color to the room. I will update the nursery pictures when they are up!! 

I am always wondering what our little one will look like... will s/he have Matthew's beautiful blue eyes? Will baby have my dark brown hair... will their skin be tanned like mine or white like Matthew's? Who's nose will baby have? It will be super cool to see how our God put Matthew and I together in this tiny little person. We are going to be doing a 3D/4D ultrasound in about three weeks. I am super excited for that. Then we can kinda see what our little one will look like!!! 

Well, Better