37 weeks pregnant! And the picture above is when I was 36 weeks pregnant... so I am even bigger than this picture!! 

I keep on forgetting/running out of time to keep up this blog. I cannot believe how fast the time is going... is seems so surreal that this week is the start of July and next week I shall be 38 weeks which was my long time goal... well that and having a healthy baby,.

How am I doing? How is baby doing? I am doing alright for being this far along in my pregnancy. My hands and feet are itching like crazy so the doctor took some blood work to make sure I don't have "intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnacy, a liver problem that affects less than 1 percent of pregnant women in the United states." Which is kinda scary to think I could have this because it could affect baby more so than me... So glad my doctor is taking all the precautions to make sure our baby stays safe and well inside of me. 

At my 36 week appointment I was shocked to find out that I was 3cm dilated already!! At my 37 week appointment I was almost 4 cm dilated... I don't know if it means that I just dilate very early or that baby will come soon! I hope baby will come either at 38 weeks or 39 weeks. My doctor is actually gone for my 38 week of pregnancy so everyone is joking I shall give birth then that or when all of my family is gone on vacation which is about when I hit 39 weeks. My doctor keeps on saying he does not think I shall go past or even hit my due date, that baby Singer will come earlier than that. If baby is healthy and ready before that... then I would love to welcome baby Singer to this world a bit earlier! 

As far as how ready we are for little one... the nursery is still not done, I need to prep the diapers, diaper is almost all the way packed but I need to finish packing it. Hospital bag is not even started, car seat is still in baby's room... hopefully we get all of that done today!! It will be weird seeing a car seat in our car... us expecting our baby soon!! 

I am so ready to be a mom, I get anxious a lot of the times thinking  of all the challenges we will have to over come but then I look at those ultrasound pictures and I tell myself that those challenges will be so worth it. 

I am trying to prepare myself for people telling us how to raise our baby... I have to get it in my head that this precious baby is indeed mine and I can say how baby will be raise unlike when I use to watch other peoples kids I would be afraid to do something to their kid that they would not approve of and always asking if I am doing it to their standards. I can already see people trying to show me how to raise my baby or trying to take baby away from me... I can hold my baby when ever I want and baby is mine...our baby! 

I wonder how paranoid I will be when I see other people hold my baby? I know I will be praying that they have steady/clean hands... I am a huge germ phoebe and I will be asking/telling people to have clean hands before touching out baby,

Well, hopefully I shall update this blog so  

Your Baby Week 37:

Your baby is now considered full term. He weighs approximately 6.5 lbs (2950g) and his total length is about 21 inches (47cm). Your baby's crown to rump measurement is about 14 inches (35cm).

By now, your baby's head may have engaged into your pelvis.

You may feel that your baby occasionally has hiccups from his "practice breathing".

Though your baby is considered full term, he is still growing and developing both his body and his brain.

He is still laying down fat at a rate of more than half an ounce every day. 

Your Baby Week 36:

Your baby weighs about 6 lbs (2750g) and measures about 20.7 inches (46cm) in length. Crown to rump measurement is about 13.5 inches (34cm).

Your baby now feels lower in your pelvis.

Your baby continues to grow, kick, and move about.

Your baby's face has filled out and the cheeks now look plump and full. Fat baby cheeks are caused by fat deposits, but also by powerful sucking muscles which your baby has been honing by sucking her thumb.

Your baby's skull is firm, but it is not hard as it needs to give a little when it is passing through the birth canal.

Your baby's head is probably down by now, but about three percent of babies present in a breech (bottom down) position. Your doctor may try to turn your baby around if it is in a breech position by putting pressure on your abdomen. This is called external cephalic version (ECV) and is effective in about 50% of cases. If your baby is in a breech position, ask your doctor about what your options are for the birth. You may or may not require a cesarean delivery.

Your Baby Week 35:

Your baby now measures about 20.25 inches (45cm) in total length and weighs around 5.5 lbs (2550g). Crown to rump measurement is about 13.2 inches (33cm).

He continues to grow and fatten up, especially in the shoulder area, and kicks regularly.

The fine lanugo hair that covered your baby is shedding, though some may still be present when your baby is born.

Your baby's eyes are blue, though this may change soon after birth or much later after birth.

Your baby's fingernails are growing. They already reach the tips of his fingers and they may even look quite long and pointy by the time he is born. Your baby may even have some scratch marks from scratching his face with his fingernails.

Your baby is probably feeling quite cramped right now and his movements are restricted by his growing size. 

And that is what I have been doing this whole week! I am wondering if I shall ever get my energy back? I see my friends running around and I am like... did I ever have that much energy? I just want to sleep all day. I know it has to do with my crappy sleeping at night. It is so hard to get comfy and I am so scared I will hurt our baby when I shift too much at night. I want to sleep sitting up but worried I will do something to hurt the little one! If you have not figured it out.... I worry a lot! Ha ha ha. 

I am thinking baby is head down because I have been feel a ton of pressure in my crotch area. I am hoping at least. I have an appointment on Friday and I shall ask Doctor Kwan about this. I am going to appointments every two weeks, I think I will go in for one more two week appointment then I start weekly appointments! 

I am so excited to be almost done with this pregnancy! Yes, I would be willing to go past my due date if it means a healthy baby but I so badly want my body back. I feel like baby comes first when it comes to my body and I come second... Plus I have been craving the wine... another thing I need to ask my OB.

Last night I made the hospital packing list, I am afraid I might jinx myself if I made it... because that means I am going to the hospital to have our baby... there is that worrying again! I know God will take care of us so I should really have nothing to worry about. 

I still have to prep the diapers/insert, wash baby's clothes get some last minuet things for little one then... I am ready for baby! Which is weird to think that I am ready for him/her. 17 days till I am 37 weeks pregnant! Which is considered full-term. I am wanting to get to 38 weeks though which is about 25 days away!! Ahhhh! 

I am so pleased to have made it to 33 weeks!! Grow baby Singer!
I remember hitting 11 weeks, then 22 weeks, now I am 33 weeks pregnant and hopefully won't see any more double digits for a long time (until next baby comes along). These last couple of months have been flying by. I keep on trying to stop and enjoy this pregnancy but then again I want our baby here with us, healthy of course. 

Our baby shower is tomorrow! I hope to see a lot of good friends there. I am also hoping to get a lot of baby items so we won't have to go shopping for them later. We shall see what people buy us! I am sure if anyone gives us a gift card... I will want to go out and buy something right away! Ha ha ha. I am so impatient! I am surprised at myself for being able to wait for 40 weeks to have a baby! I was thinking the other day that from start to finish we took about a year ( a little over that) to have a baby. That/this year has gone by at a sweet pace. I hope I can keep saying that when I am 38 weeks pregnant and waiting for our baby to make his/her's appearance! 

I am hoping to get the car-seat and stroller this week, which is exciting because that I what I have been waiting for, for the longest time! I want to practice walking the dog next to the stroller to see if I can walk her and the stroller at once. It shall seem pretty funny to watch me push around the stroller without a baby in it! Ha ha ha, maybe I will borrow someone's baby? I don't know.

I am still debating on when to wash the clothes and prep the diapers. I think I am waiting for the hubby to put up a clothes line so I won't have to use the dryer.

Well, Saturday is the day today so I better try and be productive! Only 7 more of these without baby!! (I hope at least :-) )
Your Baby Week 33:

Your baby now weighs about 4.4 lbs (2000g) and measures about 12 inches (30cm) from crown to rump and about 19.4 inches (43cm) in total.

Now that your baby is running out of room in your womb, you can probably see your belly moving as your baby kicks.

Your baby may dream as he sleeps and when awake he may be alert, listening, feeling and even seeing dim shapes.

Though your baby is still inside the womb, he is learning all the time as billions of neurons are making connections.

Your baby is probably in his birth position by now.

Your baby's lungs may be sufficiently developed by now, though if he were born now, he would probably still need an incubator to stay warm.