Oh boy, oh boy! So I think I have ovulated a few days ago... what makes me excited!!! Hopefully we timed the "deed" perfectly... I went all out and did OPK's, looked for fertility signs... you name it I done it. I am hoping that us moving from house to house did not affect my chances of getting pregnant this month. My husband wants us to get pregnant, I think as much as I do. 
Oh the joys of being a full-time student. Tonight was another familiar event, staying up late to try and get all of my homework/tests done before the midnight due date... I had five minutes to spare! Ha ha ha!! Anyways, I got to thinking how a kid will mix in with my busy school life and my husbands work career. There is a pregnant lady in my math class who is due any day now. She is hoping to not miss too much school when she gives birth. I hope when I get pregnant that my due date is not during school! It would make a good story though, young mother gives birth at the shock of the grade she got on her paper. 

So my doctors appointment is tomorrow, I am scare but kinda excited. I hope my fear of doctors does not get the best of me. We shall see!!

This month I am going to give it my all, I bought OPK's to help pin point my ovulation, I bought grapefruit juice to help with the little swimmers get to my egg, Evening Primrose oil capsules to help my fertility, flaxseed vitamin after I ovulate to help my egg stick and green tea to help with my water/herb intake.... I really want to fall pregnant this month and won't let my hope get down. I think with all this new stuff it might move my ovulation back or forth... I am hoping forth. We shall see!!
While waiting to start my class I felt this pain in stomach, 30 mins later it got worse so I rushed home to discover I started my period. Then it went down hill from there.... the throwing up, cramps so bad I wanted to die, headaches.... it all started at once. I called my husband to beg him to come home and take care of me. I am lucky enough he caught a ride and took care of my while his was on his lunch break. Ever since I started my period six years ago I always got sick the day I stated them. Cramps so bad that all I could do was lay in bed with a hot pad and cry. Three years ago I went to the doctors and they put me on birthcontrol and told me I would have to deal with the pain, so I have been dealing with the pain. About 4am I finally was able to hold down some water and sit up to watch some tv. Around 6am I jumped on fertility friends website to ask some ladies is they had horrible cramps and were able to get pregnant. They all told me their stories and most of them had this disorder called "Endometriosis". http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/endometriosis/DS00289/DSECTION=symptoms website explains what Endometriosis is: "Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, bowel or the tissue lining your pelvis. Rarely, endometrial tissue may spread beyond your pelvic region.
In endometriosis, displaced endometrial tissue continues to act as it normally would: It thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. And because this displaced tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. Surrounding tissue can become irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions — abnormal tissue that binds organs together.

This process can cause pain — sometimes severe — especially during your period. Fertility problems also may develop. Fortunately, effective treatments are available." (Mayo Clinic Staff)

The treatment is surgery.

I have some of the symptoms like painful periods, and during my period I get fatigue, diarrhea, bloating or nausea, especially during menstrual periods. The other symptoms of this disorder that I do not have include pain with intercourse, pain with bowel movements or urination, excessive bleeding, infertility (of course I do not know if I am infertile).

A lot of my friends have my symptoms, then again this disorder affects 7 million american women. 

I am worried I might have this so I made a doctors appointment for next Friday, hopefully I will get some answers if I have this or not. I am lucky my husband has good health benefits. 

My husband and I talked that if we cannot have children then I could go back to riding horses. Before we were married I owned a very spunky quarter horse. I sold my horse before we got married because I knew we could not afford both a kid and my horse. My passion to be a mother is greater than my passion for horses. I could not afford to get hurt while riding if I got pregnant, I always ended up on the wild horses. If I have to have surgery, I hope my family can handle this because we just found out my dad has lung cancer (from being deployed so much).

So this is all for now, prayers are always welcome.

please leave comments or stories if you want.

Thanks for reading!


6 dpo!



Matthew and I have been trying to get pregnant since July 2011. We are now 6 days past ovulation (6dpo) and I am very excited for this month. I just decided to start a blog so I have someone else to talk to besides my lovely husband. We are trying to keep us ttc (trying to conceive) a secrete because we have too many friends and family who are very opinionated. People still consider us to be very young, I am 19 almost 20 and my husband is 24. I think we are very mature for our ages.  I will be getting my 2 year degree in May 2012 . Matthew has been working and living on his own since he was 18. My mom was a day care provider for 15 years and I was in charge of taking care of the babies 24/7. My family wants us to wait till we are thirty and Matthew's family is always looking down on my age. We do not go bar hopping or drink, a good time for us is going to friends houses and playing games or going to the park with our dog. We know a baby would fit in perfectly with our lives.


So I am thinking this will be our month! I started charting on fertility friend two months ago and my chart looks pretty darn good! I am feeling tired, thirsty (drinking water none-stop), cramping since the day after I ovulated and having to pee a whole lot. So hopefully this is a good sign!!! Fingers crossed for BFP! (Big fat positive)
Hello, we are the singers. My name is Bridgette and my husband name is Matthew. Back in July 11' Matthew called me while he was on his way home from visiting a friend who just had a baby.  He expressed that he wanted to start trying to have a baby. I was totally shocked. I have been praying that God would show me a sign when the time was right to start trying to have a baby and I guess this was his sign! My husband had never really expressed when he wanted to start trying to have a baby so this was new to me. We talked on the phone for 30 mins about having a baby and how it would affect our future plans. This is how we decided to start trying to conceive!
A little back ground history. I meet Matthew back in Jan. 2008 through the youth group. I was party of the youth group and his was a volunteer. He had been in the Army since 2007. We both were terrible shy and really did not talk till Dec. 2008. I had a huge crush on him since the day I saw him. 2009 Matthew needed to get out of the barracks because of his roommate so my family invited him to stay at our house because we had plenty of extra rooms. Well, after about a month of living in my house I finally told him I liked him and then we started dating. Flash forward to 2010. Matthew deployed Jan. 2010. We both dreaded this day since we found out he was deploying six months ago. In May of 2010 Matthew came home from RnR and we got married May 9th 2010! We have been happily married a little over a year now! Matthew is a chaplain asst. and I am a full-time student working on getting my 2 year degree. Someday I will get my masters degree in veterinary medicine.  

If you not tell (by our photo's), we are huge animal lovers. Our animals are our babies as of right now. We have a golden retriever named Squirrel, a rabbit named chatter and two sister kittens that we adopted. Adalynn is the black and white one and Amora is the mostly white one. We are wondering how a baby will fit into our family. I know Squirrel our dog loves children so she won't have a problem with baby Singer. 

Our Passions:

Matthew's passions are: archery, carpentry, guns, board/card games, outdoors, and movies. 

Bridgette's passions are: Animals, horse back-riding, photography, running, outdoors, and computers.

I must apologies for any grammar errors, I am a agriculture major not an English major!! Ha ha ha! 

Well, this is it for now!!

Thanks for reading and here starts are trying to conceive journey!