At birthing classes you get to learn all of the ins and outs of birthing, what could happen to your precious baby you been caring around for 10 months, what could happen to you... it is sometimes very frighting. Matthew seemed a little stressed out at the class, him being the worry wart he is and all. I do fine under stress but it is usually afterwards that it hits me and I get the shakes. 

One time I remember I was riding a horse and a four wheeler came out of no where and almost hit us, my horse flipped completely over to avoid that four wheeler. I just jumped to the side, we got up, brushed ourselves off and off we went. Later on I got the chills after it hit me I could have been really hurt. 

We had a car seat instructor at the birthing class to show us how to keep our baby safe while traveling. We got a lot of good pointers but at the end of the session we realized that our small Kia Rio would not be the safest for our baby... so now we are making plans to buy a new vehicle and sell our Kia Rio who has been so good to us. If would could, we would keep our Kia Rio but... we cannot afford two cars at this time. 

I am praying that I am able to have a vaginal birth like I always wanted. I am still if-y about getting an epidural... we will see once I am in labor how I will handle the pain. I am hoping the thought of seeing my child soon will give me enough will power to make it through the pain. 

Oh, on a good note, I got my long awaited package today!! I have been waiting for this package since I was 20 weeks pregnant!    
As soon as I got it, Matthew called saying to get lunch ready, then my Boss called after I got done talking to Matthew so I had to sit down and do some work, then make lunch... I snuck in a little time to open the box but then I had to stare from a distance at my items.... which was....
New cloth diapers!! Fluff mail!! AHHHH!! They are so stinkin cute!! 

So here are an update picture(s) of my stash.

New inserts, love the bamboo blend inserts, will be buying those from now on.
Also got these cute legging, wish I bought more! Matthew is a huge fan of angry birds! So I had to buy these.
My whole stash so far,

18 one size
33 newborn
6 newborn prefolds
33 inserts (not to include newborn inserts)

= $186 spent which I think I did a pretty good job on saving money!
One Size stash
Newborn stash
I put my favorite diaper on my fake baby.

I cannot wait to put mini Singer in these diapers! I know I will have a ton of fun dressing her/him. 

Well, that is it for now!

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