30 weeks today and the last couple of days I have been dead tired. I don't know if it has to do with this week being finals or just that I am 7 1/2 months pregnant. I think a little of both. 

I am super excited for our baby shower. I just got done with sending out the invitations and they are super cute! Stayed up till midnight last night finishing them up then mailed them out today. I have about 24 days until the baby shower and I can already see those days flying by. 

For some reason the little one decided to be ms/mr hyper. Baby has been very active the last three days which I am thankful for because usually mini singer is lazy. Though being kicked in the ribs kinda hurts after a while. Baby is no longer a small baby, weighing over 3lbs can do a lot of damage to my poor rib cage.

I am currently working on the baby's rug for his/her's room. It is turning out super cute! Plus it is keeping me busy and not letting me sleep my day away. 

So happy to be done with school, I made an A in Horse class and Swimming class and made a B in Statistics! I maybe going back to school in the fall but don't know just yet. We will see how being parents affects my college life. 

Matthew and I celebrated 2 years of marriage yesterday! Wow! Two years since I married my best friend! How crazy is that? I would have never guessed that on our 2nd anniversary we would be 30 weeks pregnant! 

Well, that is all I have to say for now. Later this week I'll post about our birthing class. For now it is either go take a nap or work on  

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