About a week ago I bought a doppler!! A device that allows you to listen to your baby's heart beat. I will take a picture of it as soon as I have the time. As soon as I got it I ripped it out of the box and tried it out.... needless to say it took 3 hours to find the baby's heartbeat... but I found it! I was so amazing to hear! His/her's heartbeat was beating about 155 beats per minuet! Amazing! Everyone says it sounds like galloping horses.... I suppose it does in a way. I been having a way easier time finding it. Now I find it in less than a minuet. Yesterday the baby's heart rate was 170!! 

So far no more cramping or spotting. I hope that is behind me for a while. My m/s is gone but I had this terrible cold for the past 3 weeks. I am lucky enough that when I tend to be sick my m/s is no where to be found. I broke down last week and took some cough medicine. I really hate taking anything while pregnant. I kept on checking on the heartbeat because I am afraid I will hurt the baby with all of my coughing I've been doing..  I am so happy to be 12 weeks pregnant! Next week starts 2nd trimester!! I hope the 2nd trimester is an easy one because I am going to school for the next four months. I am pretty sure I am going to freak some people out by the way my belly will start to grow. I am sure no one will notice I am pregnant until the end of the semester. 

We are currently looking for a house to rent, I cannot wait to get out of the parents house. Living with eight other people ( and one that you don't like at all) can be stressful. I am sure they will be happy when we are gone too, less people and four less animals in the house. 

I hope these next seven months go by fast! I cannot wait to meet our little one! I am so thinking this baby is a boy.... we shall see! Our gender ultrasound got pushed back a little bit so about 1 month, 2 weeks and 5 days until we know if it's a boy or a girl! I just hope the baby is healthy and happy!

That's all for now!


Your Baby This Coming Week:

The crown-to-rump length of your baby is about 1.25 to 1.68 inches (between 3.1 and 4.2cm). He weighs about 0.18 ounces (5g).

The placenta is now producing progesterone which helps to make nutrients for your developing baby.

Your baby has passed the stage when he is most susceptible to damage. By the end of this week, the danger zone for congenital abnormalities has passed.

The plan for your baby's body has been completely laid down by now. Further growth and cell division will build on this plan.

Taste and tooth buds have appeared.

Your baby has recently developed fingers and toes which are now well-formed. Ankles, wrists and the inner ear have formed. Your baby's nose is flat and his eyes are far apart. His eyes, ears, mouth and nose are all recognizable. The tail is disappearing.

Your baby is moving around the amniotic sac, and moving his feet and ankles. You still will not be able to feel these movements but you may be able to see them on an ultrasound.

Blood is circulating through the arteries and the vein of the umbilical cord.

The brain of your baby is developing at a phenomenal rate. About one quarter of a million new neurons are produced every single minute at this stage in your pregnancy.

If your baby is a boy, his testes, though they are not even clearly visible, are already producing testosterone.

Your baby is no longer called an embryo, but rather a fetus

Yesterday was my very first ultrasound. I woke up at 5 in the morning after my lovely husband went to PT. I was so scared and had nightmares about the baby being dead. I finally fell back asleep at 8. Hubby came home from work to pick me up. I was a nervous wreck because I felt fine and not pregnant at all. We waited in the parking lot because we were 40 mins early. After 20 mins of waiting we went upstairs and signed in. 10 mins later we went in and I got my weight checked and blood pressure taken. I so far lost 5 lbs this pregnancy! Then we waited what seemed like forever for the doctor to come in. I was shaking badly and I was starting to scare my husband! We met our doctor and he was super nice! I was glad I chose him. I was excited when he said he was going to do an ultrasound!! After making sure I was healthy and talking about other stuff he got out the ultrasound machine. He looked around for a while and I was getting nervous because he was not saying anything then he flipped on the noise and we heard the baby's heart beat!!! It was so relieving! Matthew was smiling from ear to ear! He got to seem more than I could because I was laying down. Doctor said everything looked good and baby was right on schedule! I was so happy.... seeing the baby made it more real now.  Here is our little bundle of joy!

The head is on the left, the little round things are it's arms and the right part is it's belly. We are nicknaming the baby Bug. 

Our next ultrasound is on Feb. 15 2012. I am very excited for that one because we get to know the gender!!!

We also announced our pregnancy to Matthew's sisters, they did not know we are pregnant or we were trying, and to our friends on Facebook. Everyone was shocked and very excited for us! We are so happy we have a lot of supportive friends! 

The title says it all, though technically I am 5 weeks 1 day.... so far I had one day of morning sickness and the cramping is starting to get less noticeable.  I keep on worrying that this baby might not stick, it might be an ectopic pregnancy, I might loose this baby later on.... but then I have to remind myself that each day that I am pregnant, that this baby is inside me is a gift from God so I should enjoy every moment I have with this baby. I just have to do everything right and leave the rest up to God. I changed some things in my daily life.

Eating healthier: I usually don't eat a lot of fruit but I have been craving fruit like crazy. I am drinking little to no soda. My water intake has increased. I try and eat three meals a day ( I use to only eat one meal a day and snack throughout the day). I make sure I get enough protein.

Decrease the stress: I try and stay calm, try and not let people get to me....sometimes it hard with the hormones running through my body.

Try and not lift heavy things: I tend to try and be Mrs. Hulk and try and lift stuff that I should not be lifting so I have been trying to let the boys take care of things.

Try and relax: this is my toughest one because I cannot sit still! I always want to be moving around, from cleaning to exercising, to playing with the dogs.... so I am trying to not be so hard on myself.

This are some of the things I have changed up. I know once I get farther along I will have to change some more.... for now I just sit back and enjoy this baby.

And we did it! Yesterday morning, November 9th 2011 we found out we are pregnant! When I woke up I was feel very discourage . I thought "what the heck" and took my last first response pregnancy test... as soon as it got wet I saw two lines pop up! I was so shocked! I was not expecting that at all! And the lines were not squinters at all but two beautiful pink lines! I have been cramping a lot so thought my period was coming. Today I took my only digital pregnancy test and it said "pregnant"! For some reason I am still shocked. I had a doctors appointment today to confirm my pregnancy and of course they said pregnant! Ha ha ha, and I am still in shock. I just pray my little baby grows to full term in my belly and that he or she is a healthy baby. 

As for telling my husband. He went to PT and I took the test while he was out, so I grabbed my lab-top, grabbed my dry eraser board I use to do math homework on and pretended to do homework. When he got home I asked him to help with me with a problem and then I showed him my sign! (see picture below for what I wrote). I wish I took a picture of how big his smile was! I had a very excited Matthew. 

I am 4 weeks pregnant today. Only symptoms are small cramping, tiredness, and some small headaches. I am pretty sure my symptoms will pick up very soon!

Ta ta for now!