Christmas seems to have just flown by without so much as a hello. Now we are waiting for New years to come. 

Our first Christmas as a family of three was amazing even though it was our test run Christmas. By test run, I mean we figuring out what is best for Samuel. 

We found out that Samuel cannot stay out very late. He was a sweet boy the whole time but coming home from my parents Christmas party, lets just say Samuel thought the world was ending. Poor guy. He ended up sleeping in our bed the whole night to keep him calm and let him sleep. This way we all got a good amount of sleep.

Trying to figure out what to do next year with the parent's party. Yes, Samuel will be older but he will also fall harder when he needs to go to sleep. 

I really enjoyed our Christmas day much more than Christmas Eve. 

Matthew, Samuel and I opened the presents we got each other.

Matthew's feet have been hurting so I bought him some foam soled house shoes so he does not have to wear flip-flops all the time. Matthew tends to hate to be bear-footed. 

Squirrel, our fur-baby got a huge raw-hid bone cane. The bone was larger than she was long... you would think it would have lasted longer than the 26th of December.
Our sweet baby boy got PAPER!!!
Okay, if you asked Samuel (if he could talk) he would tell you that he received paper for his presents. 

What he really got from us is;

2 teething toys, 
Four wooden puzzles
One green Elephant 
One GIANT Zany Zoo activity center
He also got this flower steering wheel toy from us as well. 

From family and friends he got a ton of clothes, cloth diapers, fire truck, sock monkey, teethers, quilted blankets, a teddy bear, soft blocks, lantern, soaps (these are too cute! They are shaped like cows and horses) and books!

Needless to say, our baby boy is very loved.

I was panicking about him have no clothes. Seriously, I thought he was going to stay in the 3-6 month clothes forever.... but thanks to family and friends we don't have to buy any clothes until he hits 9-ish months. I say ish because he is comfortably wearing 9 month clothes with room to spare. 

After we had a nice morning with just US, then we went to our second family.... the Porter family! Our sister and Brother Jerome and Gabriel joined us as well. 

We played Matthew's Christmas present Quelf.... if you have not played this game then you should! Best game ever! 

The Porters made us a lovely turkey dinner. It was so tasty. 

Samuel got to try some cranberry sauce but he was not a fan. 

After the siblings left, Cherilyn, Matthew and I played a couple rounds of Catan, our favorite game. I won both times! 


Then we went home.

Over all, Samuel's first Christmas was simply great and he was such a good boy even though for three days straight his schedule was horrible. 

We are blessed.

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