Dear little one inside me, 

I get all excited as the days draw near to finally meet you. I have been waiting for you since the day I decided I wanted to become a mother... which was about when I was five. When I finally met your daddy, we talked a lot about you and your future siblings. How we would take care of you, love you all and give you the best of us. Your daddy is super excited to meet you, he talks to you daily. Please continue to grow up inside of me, take your time if you need to... just don't go over 40 weeks. Did you know you already have pets? I hope you are an animal lover because our animals will defiantly love on you! Squirrel, our dog, will adore you! I hope you don't mind we told her she was getting a sibling! Ha ha ha. Anyways... Mommy and Daddy love you and cannot wait to meet you!! See you in about 23 more weeks!! 


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