(Aren't my kid's feet cute?)

Just to let you all know, if you have not notice, I also use my blog spot as a journal for Samuel's reflex issues as well ;-)

So, today we are going to start mixing breast milk and formula together to see if we still get a happy baby. A couple of people suggested this to help ease Samuel back onto breast milk and to stretch the formula out a bit more to make sure he gets the least amount of dairy (if any is left in my system). We are going to try this for the next four days and I am hoping on Sunday evening he will have his first whole bottle of breast milk! 

Samuel has a doctors appointment on Tuesday and I hope I can report that his is back on breast milk and doing great! Also hoping my little guy is back on his growth chart! And have not gained too much weight since being on formula.  

I am so looking forward to not pumping as much! It really is a pain... have I complained about the pump in the last couple of blog posts? Ha ha ha. 

So far he had 3 ounces of breast milk and is still a happy camper. One of those ounces I gave to him without formula and he just closed his eyes as if to say: " This is the life". Glad he still has a thing for Momma's milk! 

One thing I hate about formula is the smelly baby poo's and farts! Breast milk fed babies usually don't have too smelly of poo/farts. Samuel has cleared the room many times since being on formula. Plus I really don't like the smell of formula either! Breast milk has a sweet smell to it formula has this weird dental smell to it. 
So that is the plan for now. Hoping it will work! Wish us luck?

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