Just to warn you, you may cry!!!   


    What would you do if you knew you were pregnant but could never have a life with your child? Because he/she would not live for more than a day? Maybe not even survive birth? Would you abort? Would you carry the baby until they died? Until full-term?

   I was reading a story about this family. The mother already had a hard life living with Lyme, then being told she would not be able to get pregnant. Well, she got pregnant! You think from here on out it would be a happy ever after? Well, they find out that their sweet baby has Anencephaly. 

Anencephaly is a fatal birth defect that no baby has ever survived. The longest living baby was about 33 hours after birth. Some babies do not even make it past the second trimester. I became friends with this person and watch their journey with their baby. The parents decided to let the baby live and grow in the mommy's tummy. As long as the baby was in her womb, he was safe. His name is London. 

I was/am amazed by these two young people. They did so much to celebrate their baby's life, even if London was inside his mommy's tummy. They took him to baseball games, concerts, he got to meet Santa Claus who prayed with them after he took a picture with them. 

This family just amazed me.

Then, this Friday he had to come out. 

All they wanted was him to be born a live, just for a few minuets, so they could all meet this wonderful little boy they grew to love. 

Since London's mom, Alisa, has Lyme, she needed to be put under when they preformed a c-section. 

Alisa prayed and prayed that she would get to meet him after she woke up. She had them record a greeting from her just in case he passed before she woke back up. Some Anencephalyhaly babies do not survive the birth. 

London came out alive. 

He was handed to his Dad -Jamie- who then took him to a room full of love ones. Then they waited for Alisa to hurry back so she could meet their miracle. 

She did get to meet London. They shared 61 wonder minuets together. 

What a journey. These people are so strong. I don't know how I would handle that. 

That night, the night London came into this world, I spent some time hold my sleeping baby and thanking God for giving him to me healthy and alive. 

I had to share this story. Even though it is sad, it if full of life and love. 

If Samuel only lived for 61 minuets, all the crying and sorrow would be worth meeting him, even for just a little while. 

Some days I just want my son to sleep so I can have a break. These people just wanted their son alive so they could say hello and good-bye. 

Those days when Samuel is fussy does not seem so bad, if bad at all.

If you have time, please say a little prayer for this family.

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