It has been since January since I have written in this blog posting. We have so much to update you all.

In February, we found out that Samuel is going to be a big brother! Wow! How blessed are we? The baby is due October 16. I joked to Matthew that I am going to hold out for his birthday (the 18th) so he can share his birthday with his new kido. 
First picture was when bub was 11 weeks and second picture is when bub was 19 weeks. We decided to not find out the gender this time! I had Miss Cherilyn and Miss Gabby come with me to make sure I kept my word. We just want a healthy baby, boy or girl, does not matter to us. I have to admit though, I am slightly more excited at the thought of two boys. 

So, now I am going into my 22 week of pregnancy and so far things have been super easy. Besides being dead tired, I am so grateful that I have not been sick. This baby also moves so much more than Samuel, he or she is always dancing in my belly. I love it. 

Samuel is almost 11 months! *insert sad mommy face* I still see him as my newborn baby boy! We have taken his birthday photos and his invitations are made. Just waiting for the pictures to come in then we shall send them off! So be on the look out for them. 

Samuel is crawling everywhere, yay! I was worried he would just skip crawling and go to walking. He is loving being able to follow me all over the house. He is about 23 lbs and 31 inches tall. He is growing up so much. It amazing me that he has grown over 10 inches in his first year of life. 

He is clapping when we sing "If you are happy and you know it....", he makes the most funniest faces that make you laugh you head off. He favorite animals are cat, he can say kitty and giggles when he sees our cats. 

I am looking forward to no longer breast feeding him. He loves to kick my belly as he nurses, then his sibling starts kicking, by the time he is done I feel like I have been beaten up. We are almost to a year mark! That is my goal to make it to. I hope he self weans before then.... does not look like it. 

Matthew is working his way up in his job. He is done with school for the summer! He mad an A on his last test! So proud of him! He is also in the top group in his class. I knew he would do just fine in school, he is one smart man. 

Matthew, along with our awesome friends, built a chicken coop for our chickens that we got back in March. I could tell he was having a blast building it. He built the hutch part, now we are working on making them a run. Matthew has been calling the chicken his chickens. Ha! I am glad he is enjoying them. 

Matthew has also been busy working on our house. I know the inner builder in him is super happy to have a house of his own to fix and work on.

Oh, we bought a house! In March! We are home owners!! We love being home owners, our house have a HUGE back yard that our dog runs around in. I am looking forward to the days that our kids will be playing back there. 

What is up with me?

Samuel has been keeping me busy. Also planning his birthday party has been taking time as well. We also bought me new show rabbit and one of my rabbit's had a baby so I am enjoying playing and caring for them. I am determined to stay fit during this pregnancy so been walking about 2 miles a day. I am already getting excited at working out and getting back in shape after the baby is born.

I am in full nesting mode already and been cleaning like a mad women. For some reason, my floors need to be spotless, which is hard when you have a 11 month old throwing food on the floor all.the.time.

So, that is a small update from us. I hope to keep up with this blog better since Samuel is more self-entertaining. For now, it is time to go to bed!

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