And that is what Baby Singer does all day! I love it! Even if the kicking does hurt a little bit... But the kicking is a constant reminder that I have our baby inside of me and to make sure to take care of her/him. Baby Singer is getting stronger everyday. It is hard to believe that Mini Singer was smaller than a mustard seed at one point.... and now here baby is kicking so hard people can feel and see it from the outside. 

I am kinda getting freaked out because baby will be here in about four months.... and we still don't have a lot of things for our little one. The crib is not even started yet... Ahhhh! We really need to jump on this house finding so we can get going on buying the baby stuff. Knowing me... I will search and hunt for the best deals for this kido! I kinda want to see the average cost of a baby and see if I can beat it...  So far doing about $7 a diapers. If I keep on getting cheaper/better deals then I can lower down my average $ per diaper. I read that you spend about $1000 - $2000 a year on disposable diapers per year... crazy!! That is a whole paycheck just to diapers! I am hoping to spend about $250 - $350 on cloth.. so far doing great with almost half the diaper stash I need. Sweetness!  
My baby bump seems to be growing everyday now. I am having trouble finding a good position to sleep at night. I have now had several people comment on me being pregnant. I am so happy I am out of that "fat stage". Now when I take my time getting to places people won't complain... at least I hope! Heh, Baby Singer just kicked. S/he seems to like music and car rides and that usually wakes our baby up. That and Matthew having his hand on my tummy. Baby goes crazy when he touches my belly. A bigger belly means... stretch marks! Ahhhhh! I was dreading them... I only have like four lines but not looking forward to more. Oh well. They are worth it.

I am hoping my Matthew will take my baby bump pictures today at the lake. So hopefully I'll post them a little bit later. 

Thats all the time I have for now!


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