We have 100 days till we meet our baby, our bundle of joy! We are so very excited! I am getting very anxious to get everything done... I am glad we at least have started the nursery. We have a place for our little one... just need to get the crib together. I order decals for the wall and cannot wait to get them, I am hoping they will add some color to the room. I will update the nursery pictures when they are up!! 

I am always wondering what our little one will look like... will s/he have Matthew's beautiful blue eyes? Will baby have my dark brown hair... will their skin be tanned like mine or white like Matthew's? Who's nose will baby have? It will be super cool to see how our God put Matthew and I together in this tiny little person. We are going to be doing a 3D/4D ultrasound in about three weeks. I am super excited for that. Then we can kinda see what our little one will look like!!! 

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