(Cake made by Matthew)

I've been craving cake so Matthew made me a super yummy cake! I sometimes feel like I am still pregnant because I get these food craving like I did when I was pregnant! 

Samuel is almost two months old (already!) and it seems like he has always meant to be in our lives. He was one of the pieces missing from our lives! Has the time gone by quickly these last two months? As the saying goes.... the year was short but the days are long! Oh we had some long days but I would not trade those two months for anything!

Samuel has indeed turn our lives upside down since he has been born. I feel like he has also taken over our house! There is not a room in our house that does not have a piece of Samuel in it. 
And yes I know the dishwasher is not a room but it was the only spot that was lit up at the moment! Samuel was sleeping and we had all the lights out.

So our little guy has been sleeping from 10:30pm (more closer to 11pm) to 4:30am! Go Samuel go! 
Matthew took this picture while Samuel and I were taking a nap. I love to cuddle with this guy! Almost as much as cuddling with Matthew. 

I have to go but I shall leave  you with this super cute picture of someone(s) else cuddling!

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