Life with a newborn means a lot of dancing around the house, learning to sit still while feeding him, learning that there are different types of cries from him, and many more things. I am also learning that sometimes I have to stay home with him rather than going out and doing fun stuff. But, I would not trade it for the world! I love my little guy! He makes me laugh everyday with his goofy self.

Samuel is in the "fun" gassy stage, I hoping this will pass soon because it is hard sometimes to get that gas out of him. He has this high pitch scream that he does when he has a bubble in his tummy. Poor baby boy, he does not understand why

We took Samuel on Sunday, Aug 5th, to meet his cousin Billie and his great Aunt Cindy on what seems to be the hottest day in Texas. I thought Samuel handle it very well, other people might not have agreed because he did cry a little bit while we were at a snack shop. I also discovered how annoying it is when a bathroom does not have a changing table. We were lucky we could change him in his stroller because I was not about to put him on a dirty floor to change him! That bathroom was so gross! 

During that trip, I had to wait a while to nurse him so little one got breast milk in the bottle which is not his favorite, he would rather have his Mom! It was funny because when he finally was able to nurse he let out a sigh of relief then passed out. Silly little guy!

After being out all day Sunday, we had to stay home Monday because him and Matthew were just too tired to travel. While they slept I worked on my tasks I needed to get done for my job. I had to grade tests and I found it fun, I suppose it was fun because it was not my grade! I was hoping that they would all get 100's and was sadden when no one got 100% on their test. Oh well. 

On Tuesday Matthew got the call that he got accepted to become an apprentice for being an electrician! We are super relieved because that means he has a job for the next 5 years.

Loosing weight has been pretty easy so far... I am almost down to my first trimester weight. I have lost about 30lbs. I would love to look like this again
That is when I was running 5 miles everyday and was in the best shape of my life. I have to loose about 15 more pounds to look like that. I cannot diet while breast feeding but I can try and work out when I am not watching Samuel. I am hoping to get back into running and be able to run some marathons! I was able to run about 15 miles none stop. I usually ran those 15 miles once a week, I tried not to beat up my body too much. I do have a jogging stroller and cannot wait to try it out! I might try it out at my parents house  soon without Samuel in it then when he is old enough start running with him. 

Matthew starts working tomorrow so I suppose I have to learn to be by myself (well by myself with Samuel) all day. I am wondering how we are going to do this with only one car... I know when I start school back up in the spring it will be harder to get to and fro with just one car. Maybe we will be blessed with another car in the future. 

Well, That is it for now. If any new or soon to be moms are reading this, my advice for the first three weeks of your little one's life is to find a good tv series to watch to help keep you sane while bouncing, rocking, nursing, playing with the baby.  

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