We made it! I am so happy we made it to 11 weeks! Only 29 more weeks to go till baby is full term! I hope the weeks keep on flying by!

Morning sickness is still strong, I threw up more times in week 10 then during my whole pregnancy. I so far lost 5lbs from it. Headaches started on Christmas eve... in fact that headache that started on Christmas eve is still around.... my dislike for food is still strong. I cannot wait to want to eat again! So far I have been living off of pizza.... mmmmm pizza! My Matthew has been good and been dealing with my emotions and craving. People still tend to touch my belly... which I am not very happy about. My mom said it's because they are blessing me.... can't they bless me without touching me?? I am not a touch person, everyone was shocked I am so touchy with my hubby. Well he is my husband after all. But I don't like hugs or kisses from anyone else besides him. Sadly my family is a mix of Mexicans and Italians... And both are touchy feely type cultures. 

I think our dog knows I am pregnant, Squirrel seems to become rather attached to us lately and won't let us out of her sight. The kittens seem to still be clueless. 

The nighmares seems to come often, I think I have a nightmare everyday day if not every other day. I wish they would stop. They are from losing my Matthew or pets to losing our baby. Then some just plain weird dreams.

Well, I have been enjoying my days off from college life, I think I have to go back in the 17 of Jan. Last semester before baby is here! Which is crazy I think! :) 

Going to hang with my girl friends today, they want to treat me to lunch, just hope the baby is happy today and likes the food.... so I don't have to see it again!

About 1 month, 2 weeks and 3 days till we get to see 

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