I am so happy we made it to 8 weeks, though I am still worried about the baby constantly, I am enjoying being pregnant. Morning sickness was bad last night, thought I was going to throw-up many times. Dreams are still very weird. I am wondering when my boobs will get sore because so far they feel fine. Cramping comes and goes, so far no more brown spotting. Our ultrasound is in 13 days! That is less than two weeks! I the two weeks shall go by fast because finals are next week ( they tend to sneak up on me real fast) and then my hubby and I are going on a marriage retreat which will be a nice break from the every day life.... then we come home on Saturday then one Wednesday is our ultrasound! I am so excited and scared at the same time. Still praying everyday that this baby will be healthy and we have a GREAT appointment. So far doing great in school, which surprises me with my pregnant brain of mine. I keep on forgetting things what is weird for me because I usually have a great memory! The other day I went to feed the kittens and I got their bowl, poured their food then went to our room and sat down with the bowl still in my hand.... goodness. Poor kitties were waiting in the laundry room for their dinner. I also forgot how to get somewhere even though I been there many times! I am also fighting the urge to wanna cry all the time..... for no dang reason. I never cry, even in really sad movies so this is very weird for me. I am so tired all the time and now wanting any 

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