Wednesday, October 9th 2013, around lunch time I started feeling a bit off. I was having small contractions but nothing painful. I had some business I needed to take care of (editing pictures, online business) so just brushed the “off” feeling aside.

      My Mom and grandparents came over and we were going over some things they wanted to order. My grandma touched my belly and asked why my belly was so hard.  I told them I was having some small contractions so after placing the order they asked if they could take Samuel out to get a haircut. I said sure. My contractions were about 10 minutes apart and still not painful.

I was meeting Matthew and Mom at Toys R Us to pick up our double stroller and to grab Samuel back from the parents. My contractions were about 8 minutes apart and now were becoming uncomfortable. I was still thinking they would fizzle out and the cramps were due to a busy day the day before. I learned that it kind of sucks to drive while have contractions.

I got to Toys R Us and retrieved Samuel and went inside to find Matthew. After playing around in the store we went and checked out. In the parking lot I told Matthew I was having small contractions but still think they would fizzle out. We planned on going to the park to give my friend her picture CD, to let Samuel run around the park and to have me walk around the track a bit.

Matthew went to go get gas for the truck so Samuel and I played for a bit. I had a couple of people stop and talk about Samuel’s age gap and how nice it was for the sibling to be so close in age. Once Matthew got to the park, he ran around with Samuel and I sat on a bench because I was feeling tired. Matthew had all of us walked around a bit then we went home.

We made some chili and corn bread for dinner. My mom called and asked how I was feeling and I told her I was still cramping but expected them to still fizzle out. I was in big denial that I was in labor. I had not bled or anything like I did with Samuel so I was waiting for some kind of bleeding to believe I was in labor.

We put Samuel to bed and I started to get cramps that actually hurt. They were about a 5 on the 1-10 pain level chart. I told Matthew it might be a good idea to pack the hospital bag “just in case”.  We went to bed super late. I never fell asleep; I played on the computer and was trying to get comfortable while having contractions. I texted Mom to tell her I was still having contractions and she might get a call to come over in a couple of hours.

Around 2 am things started to get painful. I had to walk through the contractions or rock back and forth on my knees to get through them. I was trying to let Matthew sleep because he might have to go to work in a few hours. I jumped in the shower to see If they would help things and it did for about 10 minutes but then I started to throw-up which was a sign with Samuel’s labor that I needed to start getting ready to go to the hospital.

I woke Matthew around 4 and told him I could not do this alone. He looked at me and asked if we needed to call the parents and I said yes. As Matthew ran around trying to get things in the car, I was starting to have bad contractions. I would beg Matthew to come rub my back. I kept asking him to punch my back to help with the pain. It seemed like my parents took forever to get here. I started freaking out that I might have the baby in the house. Finally they walked in the door and I ran out. Mom asked how I was feeling and I went UGH! And screamed at Matthew to GO!

Riding in a car while in labor was horrible! It was a 20 minute drive to the hospital. I was trying my best not to punch Matthew during the pain. I kept my eyes tightly closed the whole ride just praying I could get to the hospital without screaming or hurting Matthew.

When we got to the ER, the nurses asked a ton of questions. I got very annoyed with them because they wanted me to answer them. They asked if I wanted a wheel chair. I thought “If I don’t get a wheel chair then we are having this baby right here!” They finally started wheeling me down to the labor and delivery part. The nurse down there started asking the same questions! I was pissed. They needed to stop talking to me and just get me in a room. They weighed me then asked me to pee. Um, no. I am not peeing. I tried though. Then I waited a moment for them to check my blood pressure and heart rate, how baby was doing. I was trying not to kill the nurse who was taking her sweet time and kept telling me to just breathe. How about you labor and I tell you to just breathe? She checked me and said mmmmm. I panicked thinking they might send me home. I asked her when do I get my drugs? She said “Sorry hun, you are a 9, you are having this baby natural”! I turned to Matthew and lost it. I started yelling and punching him asking why did he wait so long to get me here?  I started blaming poor Matthew. He was really good though and just kept telling me that it would be all right and we get to meet our baby soon.

The nurse finally understood I was having a baby and starting moving their behinds. They got me into a room. Then they had the on call OB come in and check me. She said “waters are still in-tacked and you are almost an 8”. Then I ask “Can I get my epidural?” And she said the best words ever…. YES! We had to rush to get them though because I was moving fast. Getting the epidural was a breeze. Holding still while having a contraction was not. I was freaking out because my body was trying to push the baby out on its own. It took about 20 minutes for the epidural to kick in.

About 30 minutes after getting my happy juice, they checked me and I was complete.  I was trying my best not to nod off because I had been up since 8 am the day before. Matthew walked away and I heard this pop and saw a gush of water (like a water hose) come out of me and I was l said “my water just broke!” and the nurses said, yes, we know hun and they started laughing. We found out there was Meconium in the water.

Doctor Kwan came in and checked me over and we chatted a bit while the room was getting set up. Then we got my legs in the sturr-ups and I started pushing. The second contraction took about four minutes to come and we had an awkward moment where everyone was starring at my lady bits so we started joking around about “foot ball” and the “weather”. Finally the second contraction came. Three contractions and baby was out at 8:18 am. The Doctor almost did not catch the baby because baby flew out! The doctor put baby on my chest and I leaned forward and I said “Oh my gosh! It is a girl!!!” Everyone started laughing.

They took her away to get the meconium out of her system and to check her over.

   Then the same exact thing that happened to Samuel’s birth happened to this birth. Some of my membranes were retained so the doctor had to reach up in there and manually take them out. Thank goodness for those drugs because with Samuel’s birth, my epidural wore off and that part sucked! Then my uterus would not clamp down, again, so they gave me pitocin and a shot in the leg to help the uterus clamp down. I was glad I was still numb because the shot had a needle as big as an epi pen! Then my “favorite” part came, the rubbing of the uterus. While they tortured me with the rubbing I got to hold my little girl, who we named Meadow Feye. She was 8lbs even and 20 inches long. She latched right on and nursed for over an hour. The nursery people kept on coming in to see if she was done, we finally decided to unlatch her so they could clean her up and work some more on me.

They took Meadow away because they wanted to get the meconium out of her and she was not holding her temperature so she went to the nursery. I stayed in the labor and delivery part for an hour after she left having my tummy rubbed then for another hour because we wanted my legs to have feeling back.  We had two visitors come by; my Dad and Mrs. Diane Porter to see how we were doing. I also think they were trying to find out the gender of Meadow. We told people we were not going to tell the gender until Samuel met his sibling.

   We finally were satisfied with some feeling in my legs so we went to the post partum side. I was missing my baby and had not seen her for two hours. Once we got to the other side we texted my family to come on over with Samuel. As soon as Samuel and my family walked in the nurse wheeled Meadow in and we all got all teary eyed when they saw she was a girl.  

Meadow Feye has been nursing like a champ and like her pregnancy, she seems to be an easy baby. We are blessed. 

Now for some pictures!

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