As we look for a house to live in, I keep on thinking of the nursery. I have so many ideas to make the nursery look unique. Poor Matthew has to somehow make my ideas come to life. I know we want our color theme to be green and brown, I always love those two colors. Matthew and I love nature so these color really catch our eyes. 

Next we came up with the theme forest or medieval. Two themes that we can make one of a kind. Today I found a cool tree shelve! 

Cool right?? It made out of metal and welded together. I would put pictures, books and little nick knacks on it. Plus we can always use this later when the kid does not want it anymore.

I also found a neat idea that I could put just above the crib to add another cool looking feature. 
The only difference I would do is I would put forest/medieval items on it, maybe a unicorn if it is a girl or a dragon for a boy. The green and yellow things would be something along the lines of knights and castles.

Of course I want to do wood letters for the baby's name.... 
Still brain storming and I am excited to see what the final outcome will be for the nursery.  

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