Apparently I keep posting my baby bump a week behind! Ahhhhh!! I need to work on that.

Anyways, school starts next week and I am super excited to be taking a swimming class. It should be good for me and the baby! Then I am taking two other classes that I am less than excited about. I cannot believe after this semester the baby will soon be here! Yay! Very excited! 

We are still looking for a house to rent, It is hard to find one in a good neighborhood and within our price range. I hoping to not put our baby in daycare.... we shall see how well that goes. I really don't want someone else raising our  baby. Plus they are crazy expensive! For a good one that is...

I am looking at all kinds of baby stuff, there is so much out there! I wish I had the list that was right for me so we don't go wasting our's or anyone else's money. 

It should be interesting to be a mom at a "young" age. Most of my friends are out partying and living the college life. I don't have anyone my age that is marriage.... and people who I know who has kids are a bit older than me. I hope to find a friend who is my age that has a kido or one on the way. 

Well, better get back to cleaning the room that seems to keep on 

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