Our baby BOY is here! And I do have to say he is one gorgeous little man! I kept on thinking he would come early, he came at 39 weeks and he is perfectly healthy! Life with a newborn is crazy so at almost 3 weeks old (already!) I am finally able to update this blog with our news and to tell the story of his birth!

Sorry this might be long, 

3am Tuesday morning (10th) I woke up to contractions that were pretty uncomfortable, but they were manageable. I woke Matthew up at 4am to tell him that I think it was baby day and if he could, please stick around for today. He had to go to PT to let his boss know I was in labor then he came back home to help me out. Around 5am I started to spot, which after not seeing my period for 10 months, it was a bit strange to see blood again. We tried to watch Karate Kid 2 (we actually never finished it) on Netflix's but every time I had a contraction I made Matthew stop all the noise and rub my back. I was determined not to be 'that" screaming pregnant lady that was in labor.

Contractions started to get closer together, about 5 mins apart. Around 10a.m we went to the hospital, got hooked up to the monitors and contractions were 5 mins apart and I was 4cm dilated about 80% effaced. After being there for an hour they decided to let me go get some food and walk about to get the contractions closer together. 

Matthew and I went and ate at Red Lobster, it is super hard to not look like it was in labor while I was there. I kept on having to take breaks and breathe through them I had Dh rub the snot out of my back every time I felt one coming. I was really worried my water would break spontaneously while we were there, I was glad it did not. 

After we ate, we went to Good Will to walk around, I found a scalp scraper and it felt so good to have Matthew rub it on my back. After Good Will, we walked the mall, the contractions were still pretty bad and I had to stop and breath through some of them We had those annoying people with the sales cart trying to sell us stuff or touch me, I am sure I gave them the look of death when they talked to me. After walking for four hours, and making my legs swell up like balloons, we went back to the hospital. 

Contractions were still 5 mins apart, 4cm dilated and 90% effaced. They said they could keep me, start some pitocin (basically inducing me) or go home on some pain meds to help me sleep and to eat some more food. So we went home because I was afraid if they induced me I might end up with a c-section or it might prolong the labor. 

The meds did not touch the pain, I maybe slept for an hour. I was glad Matthew got some rest though because he was dead tired and I wanted him to be alert for when Samuel was born. 

The contractions started getting so bad I could not eat because it would come back up. I felt bad that Matthew had to clean up after me. I tried taking a shower and a bath to help with the pain, it did help some. 

At 11pm we went back to the hospital because the contractions were horrible. The nurses saw I was in a lot of pain and got me into a room pretty fast. My contractions were 3 mins apart,  I was 5cm dilated and full effaced and on the pain level... off the charts. I requested an epidural because I could not relax enough to let the contractions do their job plus I have been in labor for over a day now. Got an epidural around 3am and oh my goodness! Did it help! I felt great. 

I had a great night nurse! We pretty much talked the whole night, her name was Lisa. She was amazing! I could not sleep because I was too anxious for Samuel to get here.

Around 6am they started pitocin because my contractions started spacing out and I was at 7cm. 9am they had me start practicing pushing. Samuel was sunny side up so they kept on rotating me to try and get him to move to face down. I really did not like rolling because with the epidural, my legs no longer felt apart of me... just like dead weight. I tried moving my toes and I could not. It was so strange to be not be able to move your toes!!

 Right when they said it was time to do real pushes, I notice I could move my toes!! Uh oh!!!! The epidural was wearing off and they did not want to give me more because it would take a while to get back into my system and it might delay birthing. I was so mad that it wore off. 

They kept on rotating me when I was pushing to encourage Samuel to turn. When I thought I could not take anymore of it (mainly the rolling back and forth) they said they could feel his head and he was crowing!!! Then they said don't push! We need to get the doctor!!! I was like...what??? He was MIA for 15 mins... I was not happy. I was like.. this baby is coming if he is here or not!!! Finally he showed up and at the last moment Samuel turned and came face down!

 Samuel handled labor very well, he had very little heart decals. As soon as he was out I started bleeding heavily. They took Samuel away to get cleaned up, I only saw him for a few seconds because they were trying to get me to stop bleeding. It took 45 mins for the bleeding to stop. It was crazy. I retained some of the membranes and tore a little on the inside but I was lucky that I did not tear, just some scraps and skid marks. I got some stitches on the inside.

 Because I lost so much blood I was really out of it and in a lot of pain from when they had to put the stitches in. I thought I was going to black out a couple of times. I finally got to hold Samuel and nurse him for 15 mins before they took him away. They were super worried I would need a blood transfusion. They gave me a ton of pain meds and something to help with my throwing up. About 3 hours later I finally was feeling better and was able to really enjoy Samuel. I was up for about 30 of my 33 hours of labor so I was tired but for some reason I was still felt wide awake.  

I have to say the labor part was not bad but the after math did hurt a lot worse, every time the rubbed my belly to get my uterus to clamp down, I thought my body was going to break in half. I hated when they touched my belly!!! I would almost be in tears every time they rubbed it.
They kept us in the hospital for two days to watch my blood count. I am super glad Samuel is very healthy, he weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 20inches long! He was born on July 11th at 11:29am He was much bigger than what I was expecting!!

First week I was super sore and could not walk for very long or very fast. Samuel at first had a tough time nursing but around 6 days he finally got it and is now nursing like a champ. I will update more about what so far has happened in his young life but for now here are "some" pictures of him! 


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