Yesterday was my very first ultrasound. I woke up at 5 in the morning after my lovely husband went to PT. I was so scared and had nightmares about the baby being dead. I finally fell back asleep at 8. Hubby came home from work to pick me up. I was a nervous wreck because I felt fine and not pregnant at all. We waited in the parking lot because we were 40 mins early. After 20 mins of waiting we went upstairs and signed in. 10 mins later we went in and I got my weight checked and blood pressure taken. I so far lost 5 lbs this pregnancy! Then we waited what seemed like forever for the doctor to come in. I was shaking badly and I was starting to scare my husband! We met our doctor and he was super nice! I was glad I chose him. I was excited when he said he was going to do an ultrasound!! After making sure I was healthy and talking about other stuff he got out the ultrasound machine. He looked around for a while and I was getting nervous because he was not saying anything then he flipped on the noise and we heard the baby's heart beat!!! It was so relieving! Matthew was smiling from ear to ear! He got to seem more than I could because I was laying down. Doctor said everything looked good and baby was right on schedule! I was so happy.... seeing the baby made it more real now.  Here is our little bundle of joy!

The head is on the left, the little round things are it's arms and the right part is it's belly. We are nicknaming the baby Bug. 

Our next ultrasound is on Feb. 15 2012. I am very excited for that one because we get to know the gender!!!

We also announced our pregnancy to Matthew's sisters, they did not know we are pregnant or we were trying, and to our friends on Facebook. Everyone was shocked and very excited for us! We are so happy we have a lot of supportive friends! 

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