Wow, the time just seems to keep on flying by! It feels like I was celebrating being 6 weeks pregnant! Not that I would want to go that far back! I am very happy to be where I am. Baby seems to be doing alright, I don't know if I am feeling kicks or just gas bubbles... I cannot wait to start feeling my little one inside of me!! I have been craving food like crazy... several times I woke up starving! Where I was so hungry it hurt!!! 

My belly seems to have grown a lot, my clothes are starting to not fit :( time to find some maternity clothes I suppose. I hope they are cute! Ha ha ha. 

I had to move my Anatomy scan until March 2nd... boo! Now I have to wait 22 days until I get to see our little guy... or gal!! Ha ha ha, I still think I am carrying a boy. I am keeping the gender a secrete still... even though people are giving us evil looks about keeping it to ourselves... Oh well! 

I am still sick, but the cold has defiantly gotten way better. I still feel like my chest is full of gross mucus and I cough a lot but knock on wood I have not ran a temperature like I did Saturday and Sunday. 

I am uploading a video of our baby's heart beat! Just in case someone out there does not know what a fetus heart beat sounds like... it is sometimes easy to get the baby's heart beat and one of your major organs pulse mixed up. Did you know you could hear your own heart beat all the way down to your hip? I have discovered this with my handy dandy doppler.

oh and I got some baby bump pictures to add!!!

Here they are!  

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