And that is what I have been doing this whole week! I am wondering if I shall ever get my energy back? I see my friends running around and I am like... did I ever have that much energy? I just want to sleep all day. I know it has to do with my crappy sleeping at night. It is so hard to get comfy and I am so scared I will hurt our baby when I shift too much at night. I want to sleep sitting up but worried I will do something to hurt the little one! If you have not figured it out.... I worry a lot! Ha ha ha. 

I am thinking baby is head down because I have been feel a ton of pressure in my crotch area. I am hoping at least. I have an appointment on Friday and I shall ask Doctor Kwan about this. I am going to appointments every two weeks, I think I will go in for one more two week appointment then I start weekly appointments! 

I am so excited to be almost done with this pregnancy! Yes, I would be willing to go past my due date if it means a healthy baby but I so badly want my body back. I feel like baby comes first when it comes to my body and I come second... Plus I have been craving the wine... another thing I need to ask my OB.

Last night I made the hospital packing list, I am afraid I might jinx myself if I made it... because that means I am going to the hospital to have our baby... there is that worrying again! I know God will take care of us so I should really have nothing to worry about. 

I still have to prep the diapers/insert, wash baby's clothes get some last minuet things for little one then... I am ready for baby! Which is weird to think that I am ready for him/her. 17 days till I am 37 weeks pregnant! Which is considered full-term. I am wanting to get to 38 weeks though which is about 25 days away!! Ahhhh! 


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