Last night my family and I threw my mom a surprise party, one of my mom's dear friend from high school walked up to me and patted my belly saying hello to it. I was surprised that she guess! We had not told her.... well we have not told a whole lot of people. My mom is getting more excited by the day ( I think she now knows there is no turning back) and she bought me a maternity shirt. It is very cute! I shall have to show you all sometime. My mom had a white shirt with a red heart on it for when she was pregnant so she wanted to continue the tradition and bought me a shirt with a heart(s) on it. Matthew left for a couple of days and our poor dog, Squirrel, was really sad. I got her when he was deployed so I would not be lonely while he was away. She was also suppose to be a guard dog but I think if she would have gotten a doggy award like our last dog, she would have gotten the most friendliest dog ever. She knew her daddies voice because we talked a lot on Skype and he would usually talk to her so when he came home it was as if she knew him all along. It was funny because the first time he left us she kept on looking at me as if to say
 "why did you send daddy away again?"
Silly dog. When her daddy came home she was the happiest dog ever. She really is a good dog despite that she eaten two ping pong paddles....

Our kittens are still doing fine as well though they do seem to get into a lot of trouble. A couple of days ago they knocked over 15lbs of beans and had a hay day with them. A week before that they got a hold of toilet paper, three light bulbs, two trash bags, and some sort of food. I really should take pictures and put it on Sh!t my animals break. I went on that website to look at what kids broke of their parents, I hope our kids are not that horrible. 

Chatter the rabbit is fat and healthy. She is loving the cold weather. 

So far I think our baby is fine, m/s is still here. Last night I drank some off brand cola and went to go potty and suddenly threw-up..... ewwwww. I did not even see it coming, glad I was in the bathroom already when it happened. I hope it does not happen again because I might not be near a toilet. 

Ultrasound is in 17 days! By Wednesday it will be in two weeks! Yikes! One week after I get out of school! I am hoping Matthew has a marriage retreat on the 14, a day after I take my last final so I can have some much needed down time. I think next semester I'll take four classes. So then I'll just have two classes to take before I am done with my 2 year degree!

Well, I have a test tomorrow so I should be studying, I am the worst at studying but knock on wood so far I have gotten good grades, I think I shall get an A in my agriculture class and a high B in my Math class. 



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