The title pretty much sums it up. I remember when I was in the 1st trimester and wondering when I would finally get my baby bump... now at 28 weeks I am worried I might get too huge! My poor tummy is already suffering from stretch marks. I might be brave enough someday to post a picture of my bare tummy. 

Our little one is moving like crazy, you can now easily see my belly doing the wave. For some reason our baby chooses to be active from 10pm - 6pm. I hoping once baby gets here s/he schedule can be switched from pm to am. 

I cannot no longer fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes... which makes me a bit sad. I am looking forward to being back in my bikini, on the beach with our little one and Matthew.

Finals are already next week, I am super excited to be done with school. School consumes a lot of my time. Once school is over and done with I can focus on my projects and getting our house in order.  

Matthew is working on my old crib. I hope he is able to fix it to where it is safe for our kido. I think it is a drop down so he has to fix it is no longer a drop down since they are no longer considered safe.  

Our two year anniversary is next week!! I am so excited for that. Plus  this Saturday, May 5th 12', we get to see what our little one looks like!! 

Well, better get back to doing homework. Only a week and a half till I am done! Here are my baby bump pictures. 


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