I am getting later and later on posting these posts. I hit 31 weeks on Thursday and boy and I am feeling it! This week I am back to taking a mid-naps like I did in the first trimester. 

I went on a fun field trip to Stephenville to visit my friend's college, I suppose I did not drink enough water because my hands and feet swelled up in the evening... never had that happen to me and let me tell you this... swelling hurts! Matthew gave me cold water to put on my hands and put my feet up and finally the swelling went down. Then while eating dinner I made the mistake of getting up too fast and pulled a muscle in my stomach. I was hurting for the rest of the day, I looked like an old lady trying to get to places. I was super worried I pulled something off my uterine wall and hurt our baby some how... lucky for me baby was kicking up a storm when I was going to bed. Loved that baby was super hyper but... baby's feet against my pulled muscle was quiet painful. I am glad that I am feeling much better today and my swelling is gone. 

A couple days ago my sister Gabby, put the finishing touches on the rug I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. It is super cute! I am very pleased with it. I am going to make another rug to try and balance the room a bit more. Here are some pictures of the rug.
Matthew is still working on the crib which could be a good thing seeing as I still have yet to find a crib set that I like. 

Our baby shower is about 15 days! I am hoping we have a good crowd come to it. I am looking forward to the food, what pregnant women would not? 

Matthew and I started to read to our mini us, I think our baby is enjoying the reading time because little one is kicking up a storm when listening to the story. So far we read baby Singer "The Incredibles" and "Elmer the Dog". I wonder, after the baby is born, how long it will be before we have time to read to our kido again. 

Last week my family bought me some cute dresses for the baby shower and my graduation. I cannot to share pictures of me in them! I am hoping I will be able to fit in them till the end! 

Well that is it for now, going to go work on rug #2 now. 

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