And we did it! Yesterday morning, November 9th 2011 we found out we are pregnant! When I woke up I was feel very discourage . I thought "what the heck" and took my last first response pregnancy test... as soon as it got wet I saw two lines pop up! I was so shocked! I was not expecting that at all! And the lines were not squinters at all but two beautiful pink lines! I have been cramping a lot so thought my period was coming. Today I took my only digital pregnancy test and it said "pregnant"! For some reason I am still shocked. I had a doctors appointment today to confirm my pregnancy and of course they said pregnant! Ha ha ha, and I am still in shock. I just pray my little baby grows to full term in my belly and that he or she is a healthy baby. 

As for telling my husband. He went to PT and I took the test while he was out, so I grabbed my lab-top, grabbed my dry eraser board I use to do math homework on and pretended to do homework. When he got home I asked him to help with me with a problem and then I showed him my sign! (see picture below for what I wrote). I wish I took a picture of how big his smile was! I had a very excited Matthew. 

I am 4 weeks pregnant today. Only symptoms are small cramping, tiredness, and some small headaches. I am pretty sure my symptoms will pick up very soon!

Ta ta for now!

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