Last Thursday we celebrated Matthews 25th birthday! His first birthday as a father so of course Samuel had to be in the shot with him ;-) 

Matthew kept on telling me he was bummed about not getting a party, that he felt he did not have any friends around to hang out with, that his 25th birthday would just come and go. Challenge accepted! 
    I went and invited some dear friends of ours to a restaurant to celebrate Matthew's birthday. I told Matthew that my family wanted to treat him to a birthday dinner. Matthew kept on asking if we can invite people to the dinner, I finally told him I got the dinner thing covered and you are not allowed to ask again. Matthew never lets me surprise him, ha ha ha! So he was pleasantly "surprised" when 16 people (including us) joined us for dinner. It was wonderful! We all had a good time despite our waiter not being all there and some food went missing. I was running around taking care of Samuel that I forgot to take a picture of everyone. Dang! But I got one of Samuel all dressed up for the party! He he he. 

Matthew told me he had a GREAT birthday and that he won't forget this one too soon. Challenge complete! I should get wife points or something! But I gladly accepted a kiss and a hug from the birthday boy. 

It was really nice seeing all of our friends. We had not seen them since Samuel was about a month old! Hopefully we will get together more often.

Matthew's cake I gave to him on his birthday and his uncooked birthday dinner with just us three. I was sad that I forgot to take a picture of the chuck roast dinner actually done/cooked but it was super tasty! I was very impressed that I could get it done with Samuel wanting to be held all day.

Our little Samuel is growing up too fast! He now has amazing head control, he is always lifting it up with no problem. He has even been trying to sit up on his own!

He finally decided that nursing is his thing and so far (knock on wood) he is a nursing champ! He has been doing wonders to my milk supply! I use to only get maybe an ounce after he ate (pumping for 40 mins), now when I pump I can get anywhere from 2- 4 ounces in 20 mins! Sweet! Go Samuel! I am excited to see how much he weighs at his weight check up on the first of Nov. 

I am doing fine as well, super happy that my baby fat is finally falling off. I am hoping to get that fat off before the wedding in December! I would like to loose another 8 lbs, 12 lbs would be fantastic! I have been watching my diet and trying to get some exercise in, I am sure bouncing and rocking our little boy all day is a good workout! It is not easy carrying around a 13 pound-er! 

I had a talk with Matthew and he is going to start taking care of Samuel in the evening so I can go running again. I have not ran since Samuel was 2 months old... he is now 3 1/2 months. Running is such a stress relief and I need it on some days :) 

I cannot believe Halloween is next week already! And we still have yet to buy Samuel his costume. Uh-oh! Hopefully we find one that we all like. I did not think choosing one would be this hard!

Well, I better get back to cleaning the house while Samuel is still sleeping!

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