I am so pleased with how the nursery is turning out. I know people keep on saying it's not girl enough... but I cannot help it. I am not a big fan of pink...purply colors. Plus it is suppose to be gender neutral. As long as Matthew and I like it right?? That is what really matters. 
Matthew putting up the first wall decal
Gabby getting them ready
More progress
End results!
I am one happy momma. Now onto the next to do thing!
Just wanted to share our nursery in progress. We bought a used changing table and dresser, I was amazed how well they took care of them. I was very happy we got them at such a good price too! Love saving money!! So here is what we have so far. 

(Dresser and a shelve that we might hang)
Changing table with the changing pad we bought)
(Bouncer, and the pretend baby relaxin')
(Photo frames with the first photo of our baby)

Well, that is it for now, I will update as I go along!! :D
As we look for a house to live in, I keep on thinking of the nursery. I have so many ideas to make the nursery look unique. Poor Matthew has to somehow make my ideas come to life. I know we want our color theme to be green and brown, I always love those two colors. Matthew and I love nature so these color really catch our eyes. 

Next we came up with the theme forest or medieval. Two themes that we can make one of a kind. Today I found a cool tree shelve! 

Cool right?? It made out of metal and welded together. I would put pictures, books and little nick knacks on it. Plus we can always use this later when the kid does not want it anymore.

I also found a neat idea that I could put just above the crib to add another cool looking feature. 
The only difference I would do is I would put forest/medieval items on it, maybe a unicorn if it is a girl or a dragon for a boy. The green and yellow things would be something along the lines of knights and castles.

Of course I want to do wood letters for the baby's name.... 
Still brain storming and I am excited to see what the final outcome will be for the nursery.