And the waiting is so hard!! I am so nervous about it, I am just praying for a heat beat and a healthy baby. I keep on thinking that I totally feel normal then m/s hits me. Matthew and I are on a marriage retreat and I get car sick going on the elevator... I think my baby bump is coming in early. I have a little tummy now... I shall post a picture late. I think it's a baby bump and not fat because I keep on losing weight with this kido with the lost of appetite and the m/s. I get nervous when I wear a "fitted" shirt because it looks more like I am getting fat than I am pregnant. Another thing I am nervous about is being a mom at a young age, I know I can handle the baby and life but worried how people will react to it. I know a couple of people asked me, when they knew I was married a 18, if I got married because I "had" to or because he got me pregnant. I was shocked by their questions... I love my husband and we got married because we were ready and no, it would be impossible for me to have been pregnant seeing as we waiting till after marriage to get more "personal". Anyways.....random thoughts..... I am off for a month from school which I am going to enjoy every moment of it! Hopefully when I go back the m/s will be gone and I will feel better.  We need to get back to packing up, last day at this nice hotel!! Will upload some pictures of the water that is here. 

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