The title says it all, though technically I am 5 weeks 1 day.... so far I had one day of morning sickness and the cramping is starting to get less noticeable.  I keep on worrying that this baby might not stick, it might be an ectopic pregnancy, I might loose this baby later on.... but then I have to remind myself that each day that I am pregnant, that this baby is inside me is a gift from God so I should enjoy every moment I have with this baby. I just have to do everything right and leave the rest up to God. I changed some things in my daily life.

Eating healthier: I usually don't eat a lot of fruit but I have been craving fruit like crazy. I am drinking little to no soda. My water intake has increased. I try and eat three meals a day ( I use to only eat one meal a day and snack throughout the day). I make sure I get enough protein.

Decrease the stress: I try and stay calm, try and not let people get to me....sometimes it hard with the hormones running through my body.

Try and not lift heavy things: I tend to try and be Mrs. Hulk and try and lift stuff that I should not be lifting so I have been trying to let the boys take care of things.

Try and relax: this is my toughest one because I cannot sit still! I always want to be moving around, from cleaning to exercising, to playing with the dogs.... so I am trying to not be so hard on myself.

This are some of the things I have changed up. I know once I get farther along I will have to change some more.... for now I just sit back and enjoy this baby.


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