At least according to my regular doctor who did my pregnancy blood test. So far at 4 weeks, 3 days I feel on and off cramping, a sensitive nose (fishy smells made me want to hurl) and extreme tiredness. Other than that I feel fine. I hope I have a care free pregnancy... fingers (and toes and what ever else I can) cross!! I feel the need to do something while waiting for my first ultrasound ( I am guessing around 8 weeks) so I have bought a pregnancy book, one for me and one for my lovely husband, and a pregnancy journal which I hope to write a lot in... we shall see. We are planning on telling my parents tonight about the baby because it is kinda hard to keep it quiet when you currently live with them and 2... because my mom is a mom and like all mom's they know everything.... I swear she already knows they way she was smiling at me 0_0. I did not help by having this guilty as charged look about me.... then giggling with my husband in our back room. We are such a weird couple. 

Will keep you all updated!  

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