About a week ago I bought a doppler!! A device that allows you to listen to your baby's heart beat. I will take a picture of it as soon as I have the time. As soon as I got it I ripped it out of the box and tried it out.... needless to say it took 3 hours to find the baby's heartbeat... but I found it! I was so amazing to hear! His/her's heartbeat was beating about 155 beats per minuet! Amazing! Everyone says it sounds like galloping horses.... I suppose it does in a way. I been having a way easier time finding it. Now I find it in less than a minuet. Yesterday the baby's heart rate was 170!! 

So far no more cramping or spotting. I hope that is behind me for a while. My m/s is gone but I had this terrible cold for the past 3 weeks. I am lucky enough that when I tend to be sick my m/s is no where to be found. I broke down last week and took some cough medicine. I really hate taking anything while pregnant. I kept on checking on the heartbeat because I am afraid I will hurt the baby with all of my coughing I've been doing..  I am so happy to be 12 weeks pregnant! Next week starts 2nd trimester!! I hope the 2nd trimester is an easy one because I am going to school for the next four months. I am pretty sure I am going to freak some people out by the way my belly will start to grow. I am sure no one will notice I am pregnant until the end of the semester. 

We are currently looking for a house to rent, I cannot wait to get out of the parents house. Living with eight other people ( and one that you don't like at all) can be stressful. I am sure they will be happy when we are gone too, less people and four less animals in the house. 

I hope these next seven months go by fast! I cannot wait to meet our little one! I am so thinking this baby is a boy.... we shall see! Our gender ultrasound got pushed back a little bit so about 1 month, 2 weeks and 5 days until we know if it's a boy or a girl! I just hope the baby is healthy and happy!

That's all for now!

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